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Art Contest Entry Status

Schizo Kaita


Some of you may have been wondering whether I would enter the current art contest (or perhaps hoping I wouldn't). As a matter of fact, I've had the general concept and composition in my head for a while, and even though I realize the composition has its downsides, I feel this is something I couldn't help but create. Not everyone may like the final version, but I will.


The deadline is the 17th. Cutting it close, as I've only done one third of the sketching work (if time allows for it, even one sixth of the sketching work). And then I still have to CG everything. Luckily, I've experienced that working with my Graphire4 tablet allows me to work more smoothly and efficiently. Not much faster, but that may come in time. Yay for tablets! ^_^ As soon as I've got the hang of working with it, I can finally start on the BBC contest 35 prize next week and actually deliver something good. I'm already looking forward to it, but the art contest comes first for the time being.


Of course, my Finals aren't over yet - still four to go, but there's no exam tomorrow, so I'm hoping to make three more sketches in between cramming periods. That brings me a lot closer to the CGing process, which is good. The final exam on Monday is a portfolio discussion, so I can still get some work done on Saturday. And with those time zone differences, I've got more daylight time to spend on it. For once, time zone differences are an advantage.


I'm quite excited about the sketches I've made today, and I hope the others will turn out to be as impressive (or even moreso).


And that's my BioLog for today. Now I'm off to watch some Monty Python's Flying Circus on the telly. Yay for reruns, too! ^_^


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CGing it? Sweet...at least my entry won't be stabbed multiple times in the polls...


Anywhoj, I'm expecting something big outta this one. As vague-ish as the contest was, it's bringing up some nice entries. Any hints as to what it's going to be? :P


I need a tablet. The jealousy of it all...

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My favorite propaganda poster of all time ever was made in a single night. For recruitment no less! The only thing keeping me from making a parody of it is the fact that I don't know Russian. I dig this concept way too much to ignore it, so I need to break fast! Have you listed as a volenteer! *points menacingly*

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