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The Cute

Turakii #1 Lavasurfer


So now there's a new content block -- the Wall of Cute!


Its purpose is for... uh... well... cute? :mellow:


The problem is, I got as far as the current two and stopped short. I suppose I could add six more pictures of Tsukasa, but I'm sure there are a few more cute things besides her out there somewhere...


Any suggestions?





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I'm going through the posts in order and adding them whenever I'm on the computer long enough to make some images. I've only got as far as R2-D2, which is still on the first page.


This might take awhile... :P



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If you're gonna add more Pokemon, add Vulpix! And add some more fox related things, a Foxgirl perhaps?

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I just saw WALL-E, and I think you should add M-O and BURN-E.

I, too, am now more aware of the WALL-E movie. And I second VTK's choices. Especially M-O. And Hal the cockroach, if possible. :P

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Guest kopakanuva13


Here are some Yurbles since you've never seen one :3

Don't ask me why I made a folder dedicated to them x3 I used to have a Rukia folder, too >:}

~Not CK

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