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Here's To You, Lady K!



This picture is based on the pics that Lady K uploaded of herself recently. She said I could post it, but I didn't know what forum to put it in. Lyichir suggested that I put it in my blog, so here it is!


I've been practicing recently, so... yeah, post comments and criticism.


:vahi: Aanchir was here


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Dude, its awesome!! Thank you so very much. =D I love the face, and the body, those clothes are really sweet. Once again thank you and you're an awesome artist.


I think I want the face for my avatar....

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Very nice human version of a Bionicle character (kind of :lol: ).


And you could post this in Art 1; other people have posted human bionicle pictures after all.


Awesome job overall! :)

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People have posted pics of members, and human Bionicle pics, but I have yet to see both. The closest I've seen is Turakii's Lady Kopaka picture, and it had an official character (Kopaka) in it.


I'm glad you like it, Lady K! That really makes my day! :)

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