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Blue Mocs 2nd Chances Contest ( Bionicle Paracosmos Contest #3)





Alright, here's the theme I decided on for the next blog contest. This is another 2nd Chances contest and a New MOCs contest. It's the third Paracosmos contest -- winning MOCs will be in my fanfics. Yadda. So what's the dealio wit' da themeo?

Make a blue MOC. Any blue MOC.

It can be a hero, a villain, a morally-questionable, a beast, a titan, a small MOC, anything, as long as it is blue.

The top four winning MOCs will be featured in my next Paracosmos story, Endless Blue (during Bohrok Saga, telling of a sailing voyage from Mata Nui into the Endless Ocean).

Other winning entries could be used anywhere else in later stories, including Bara Magna stories. (I do think I'll tell some stories there eventually, though that will be after the main BP story arc ends.)

For anybody that isn't aware, the BP is my adventure mystery fanfic series, with epics, short stories, and an RPG; all of those that are online listed here (or they will be whenever I get around to adding Twisted Island :P).

Basic Setup

Bionicle Paracosmos Epic #5: Endless Blue, (BP Episode #10) will feature at least four winning MOCs from this contest.

The title has multiple meanings, but one of them is the fact that there are mysteriously so many more blue characters in the Paracosmos than there are officially. No other color has this effect, and it's one of the big clues as to the nature of the Paracosmos's origins.

My main character, a white and silver reptilian Toa-sized being named Bhukasa, is the last surviving member of an ancient race (as revealed in Captain of Treason). He was a ship-merchant at the time of Metru Nui; he was away when disaster struck his home island. He came to Mata Nui with the Turaga and Matoran and lived there for 300 years.

Then he got curious -- is the Endless Ocean truly endless? Well between you and me, it's not -- there are other islands in the Paracosmos. :P He sailed out to investigate, and disappeared for 700 years. In Captain of Treason (2001 story), he returned, but his memory was totally gone.

In Endless Blue he will begin to get his memory back in the form of flashbacks while exploring the truth of an enemy that strikes Mata Nui at this time. On his journey, he will meet characters he knew from these 700 years that are still out there on these islands. Rahi or other types of beasts can be included. Many of them will be blue.

So this is where you come in. :)

Note that the origins of these beings can be from anywhere. So you can enter Bara Magna characters and they can still win; it's just that I'll have to have some reason why they got transferred to the Endless Ocean planet recently. I do in fact have a standard reason lined up -- the enemy that rules the Endless Seas have teleportation powers available to them, which can have a degree of randomness attached and no distance limit. They can randomly reach out and draw a being from just about anywhere to them.

Winners beyond the first four may or may not be used in EB. If not, they will be used elsewhere in the Paracosmos series.

Regardless of where they're used, credit will be given to you, the MOCer. :)


1) The MOC must "be blue." I'm not going to define percentages; if you use other colors like red or whatever they should be "mostly" blue, but if you use a lot of grayscale colors you can use less blue. (So black, gray, silver wouldn't count.) Use your judgement.

2) Enter up to three MOCs per member. You can enter both categories but only three total MOCs allowed.

3) Past BBC entries or past MOCs go in category 1 (2nd Chances). Please link to the MOC's topic or something else with a date attached. Anything else goes in the New MOCs category.

4) Do not enter BBC-winning MOCs. Only non-winners (that's why it's called 2nd Chances).

5) Past MOCs must have been made before January 20, 2009.

6) Only enter your own MOCs, though you can ask others if they'd like to enter a MOC they've made.

7) Follow all BZPower rules.

8) I pick winners, but will listen to any "nominating" comments you make for someone else.

9) No set number of winners; will depend on how many enter, and overall quality of entries. Four will almost certainly be in Endless Blue, but I won't rule out using more in it. (This is only because I already have a big cast of side characters for EB and I don't wanna overdo it; I'll only be able to judge this as I write it.)

10) Oh, and don't enter MOCs from the last Bones Blog MOC contest. :P

Entry Form:

MOC Name: 
Moral Type: 
Species Type: 

[/img] (Direct link the image by pasting the pic's URL between the image tags.)

Category: [2nd Chances, or New MOC]

MOC Name: [You can go with an English nickname style, a Bionicle name, whatnot. Try googling Bionicle-style ones to make sure there aren't any (or many) uses of it already if you have time.]

Topic: [link to topic for 2nd Chances category to prove they're old MOCs, link for new MOCs for MOC discussion yadda]

Moral Type: [Hero, Villain, Questionable, "Citizen" (as in, not a hero with powers), Beast, Whatever (as in, you let me decide :P). You can use your own wording.]

Species Type: [Existing official/BP species, mutant, or species you make up. A "Bionicle-style" species name is optional but at least say it's a new species for such cases. Also, "Whatever" works here too; I'll judge based on the MOC mostly.]

Bio: [powers, backstory if you want, etc. Again I will judge mostly based on the MOC; I can fill in details, but bios help me figure out how I could use the character.]


1) 2nd Chances -- old MOCs, especially old entries in BBC contests that didn't win.

2) New MOCs -- either made for this contest or made after January 20 2009.


(You can skip this if its length annoys you.)

1) No preference will be given to either category this time. Of the four that will definately be in Endless Blue, two will be from each category.

2) I might wanna modify the descriptions somewhat for Epic 5 or for future BP story; will ask enterer for permission if so, though.

3) As in the first BP MOC contest, only one of your three MOCs can win. However, I might have "Parawins" (honorable mentions) that might get cameos in the Paracosmos too.

4) Note that I like non-humanoids. But preference for this contest will be given to the best MOC (in my and Ojhilom's judgement, and we try to be objective), so humanoids are fair game. Even Matoran are allowed. :)

The rest of these notes are slightly spoilers and are long so into the tags they go; just some storyline and setting tidbits for Endless Blue that might help you decide what to enter:

» Click to show Spoiler - click again to hide... «

5) The main type of location in Endless Blue your characters are likely to be in has this description: A mysterious enemy known only by their name -- Kuambu -- captures beings and imprisons them on tiny islands that dot the Endless Ocean Planet's surface. These islands tend to be tall pillars whose coasts are high cliffs. At the bases of the cliffs there are narrow pebble beaches.

The pillar tops are forested, with grass and smaller plants fairly thick between the medium-sized trees. Primitive wooden fences border the tops, and power nulling effect prevent powers from being used on the fences (the wood itself has that power). Each island is divided into one section labeled "Darkminds" and one section labeled "Lightminds". In truth, however, many on both sides are morally questionable, and it's possible that sorting mistakes may have happened.

Each island has a tunnel from the beach to the forest prison areas, but a special gate much like the one Takanuva couldn't pass through to Karzahni allows only Kuambu in. From time to time, the Kuambu arrive in white-sailed ships, and they come up and hunt their prisoners in these places. Afterwards, all memories of the appearance and powers of the Kuambu are erased, but memories of the feeling of being hunted and certain glimpses of the battle are not erased, just to reinforce fear.

6) There is also a large island with mutagenic sands (mentioned with some of the winners of the last contest) called Kriitunga Island. Kriitunga tend to be Matoran-sized with birdlike conical heads (my MOCs use a backwards Metru head with a ballsocket piece as the mouth in place of the Metru brain) and claws. But the sands mutate many to look quite different (their town in the center of the island, and a river that goes from there to the coast are the only non-mutagenic areas. You could enter Kriitunga mutants to live on this island. There is a Kuambu Hunting Pen here as well, along the river, and they raid the island often.

The mutagenic sands can affect both form and powers, BTW.

Standard blue Kriitunga are of the element Ocean -- they can heal wooden sailing vessels, breath water, and make tiny amounts of water. Usually blue and brown in color. White Kriitunga tend to be white and iceblue. Their standard powers I'm saving for the reveal in later chapters of Twisted Island, but mutated ones can have any power. :)

7) There are also a few medium-sized islands, some with pens and others just grown wild where the Kuambu raid sometimes. Most of these I haven't set in stone, so yall can do what you want here. :)

8) Note that in general both genders exist with any color/element in the Paracosmos. One exception: All Ocean Kriitunga are female, and all others are male (however a mutant male Kriitunga might become blue in his color scheme, and the white ones tend to have iceblue in them). With blue Matoran/Toa characters either gender works, and same with other species.

Fun Fact: The above note is another hint to the BP origins.

Another hint: Notice which number that note has -- eight.

9) In your bios you can say how they ended up in Kuambu territory if you want, but if you win lower down and I don't use it in EB I might move them somewhere else (ex: if you enter a Bara Magnan and say he got teleported here I might not use that part, so they'd still be on Bara Magna waiting for future storyline use). I reserve the right to edit that part of bios sans permission (though I'll probably ask for it anyways heh).

10) For purposes of EB story, sliiiight preference will be given to the morally questionable characters. They're more mysterious and there's more I can do with them in the storyline. But again judging will be mostly based on MOC.

Methinks that's all; post any questions yall've got.

Entry Period

Begins now, ends April 28th (that's a Tuesday) at noon EST.

Essentially three months. :)





Recommended Comments

Category: 2nd chance

MOC Name: Rembathsis


Moral Type:Hero

Species Type: (I'll leave that to your discretion)

Bio: Rembathsis has boisterous and friendly personality (think Alex Louis Armstrong from FMA). He is incredibly strong, exceeding both Krekka and Makuta in raw power. He can control water in all states of matter and influence the behavior of Rahi. He does not believe in the use of conventional weapons such as swords and spears however in times of extreme danger he will take up his orange shield.

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Category: New MOC

MOC Name: Kwadrika

Topic: http://www.bzpower.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=299749

Moral Type: Villain

Species Type: Whatever

Bio: An unknown remain of a failed experiment of the Great Beings, Kwadrika tried to earn respect in many lands for millennia. Its appearance made all shudder at him, making it hate all living creatures. Was a General in the army of the Barakki. Escaped soon after, never to be seen again. Left vowing to make all creatures that shunned him suffer. Has four arms, which can be used to climb walls or as front legs. Bulky and not too silent, but very powerful. Seems to work for Kuambu.



Category: New MOC

MOC Name: Varshnu

Topic: http://www.bzpower.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=299749

Moral Type: Beast

Species Type: Rahi

Bio: A small four-legged Rahi that is not very common. Believed to be a prototype version of the Dermis Turtle, as it detecks change in weather, plus its ability to understand Matoran. Very friendly, but able to defend itself whenever a creature comes.




Category: New MOC

MOC Name: Gadonius

Topic: http://www.bzpower.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=299749

Moral Type: Hero

Species Type: Matoran Hordika

Bio: A Matoran from an island far in the south. Travelling, Gadonius was destined to be a Toa. His Toa Stone was infected by a Visorak spider, making Gadonius a Matoran Hordika, as he was not fully a Toa. He has a mastery over water, knowing all of his secrets. However, he has no power over water. Has wings which serve as fins, and a very agile and strong body. Escaped soon after his transformation, but participated silently in the Toa-Dark Hunter War. Currently is trying to escape the claws of Kuambu.



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I should have entry (3) for this comp soon. It looks pretty cool, and I think I have a lot of blue pieces. Can't wait till i have my MOC's ready.


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Gah, I've been putting off entering this contest for ages now, despite the fact that I built all three of my entries months ago. Ah well, good thing for me that you gave such a long deadline, Bones. :)



Category: New MOC


MOC Name: Krutuska


Topic: None


Moral Type: Formerly good, now semi-beast/insane, with her original personality buried deep beneath her current mental condition


Species Type: Kriitunga


Bio: Unusually intelligent for a Kriitunga, Krutuska served as her village’s healer. Using various plants and other items found on Kriitunga Island, she developed many medicines that she used to cure various ailments and injuries that her brothers and sisters were inflicted with. Eventually, her studies of the natural world led her to try to invent a substance that would protect Kriitunga from the mutagenic sands around the village. Unfortunately, her first attempt was extremely volatile, and it exploded onto her, mutating her body and mind horribly. Now, she roams the various islands in the Endless Ocean with no real sense of motive, lashing out at any beings that come close to her. Deep inside her damaged mind, she is hoping to find a cure for her condition, but her ferocious, unstable attitude has kept her from getting any help.



Category: New MOC


MOC Name: Nagurr Turtle


Topic: None


Moral Type: Beast


Species Type: Rahi


Bio: The Nagurr Turtle is a rare being, in that it can safely stay in the mutagenic sands around Kriitunga Island for extremely long periods of time. By observing it, the Kriitunga have found that by floating on the surface of the sands, the Nagurr Turtle manages to avoid the ill effects of the mutagens. Its shell is incredibly buoyant, which has led some Kriitunga to attempt to create rafts with abandoned ones.



Category: New MOC


MOC Name: Crazolga Energy Snail


Topic: None


Moral Type: Beast


Species Type: Rahi


Bio: This small creature may seem to be fairly harmless, but in fact it is the reason that so many creatures are being kept locked up within the Kumbau’s prisons. The Crazolga Energy Slug secretes a field of energy that deflects almost every living being, as well as most physical and elemental attacks. However, the Kumbau are immune to its effects, and they have been breeding the slugs and using them as power sources for the barriers that surround their various zoo islands.


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