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Wii Refomatted



While BZP faced a disaster... so did my Wii. as some of you know, for the past few months I've had a system crippling error code which prevented me from using anything related to WiiConnect24.


The only solution was to reformat my Wii. This did not come without some data loss as there were save files that I couldn't copy... thankfully, using some homebrew I was able to save my Super Smash Bros. Brawl file, however, I was stupid and forgot to save my Mario Kart Wii and Animal Crossing: City Folk files so all data concerning them is gone. As well as all Miis and some Virtual Console games I was unable to save to an SD Card.


Once the format was complete, I logged into the shop channel, which I did NOT format, the result is I didn't lose any Virtual Console or WiiWare titles. So I redownloaded software I had, and I discovered I have WiiConnect24 back!


I the proceeded to reinstall the Brawl save file and that has been restored, I am at this time unsure if my friend code is unaffected or not, I will have to play some online matches later to find out. Brawl online data is safe.


For those of you that had me added, we will have to add each other again. I am sorry for the slight inconvenience, but we will have to do it for a few games and the Wii System code. I will update and bump my Friend Code entry later with new friend codes.


New Wii System Code: 3403 8954 1072 8860


If you add this, please PM me or comment here with your code.




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