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I Guess This Is One Way To Solve The Problem



A while ago I accidentally took my friend's 360 controller back home instead of mine. Not that it would matter whose it was, but he had a rechargeable battery pack in it. I wasn't using that controller a lot, only when friends came over, but just recently it died on me. Thinking smart I decided to tape a paper clip to the top/bottom of two batteries (of course with duct tape). I then continued to tape it into the controller with instead some electrical tape so it would be safe. In theory it would work, but would the paper clip be enough to conduct the current or would it dislodge while playing?


Nope. Nothing is wrong with it. I've been playing with it instead of the black one too. I dunno I guess I like the subconscious thrill. =P


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Wait, if it died, wouldn't the battery pack be dead?


I guess it would work, but I think you should return the rechargeable batteries.



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So you put tape all over your borrowed controller?




Remind me to never lend you anything. >_>



ya also I was just on and you weren't there. >=\

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