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Sick D:?



Okay yesterday I was sickish in school and when I got home all I wanted to do was lie down and sleep. I did my usual internet check up right as I got home and then took a nap for an hour. I then had to finish my homework so I ended up going to bed at like 11. I probably fell a sleep at 11:30 because I was restless because 11 o'clock was a bit early for me.


This morning I woke up at 7 because my alarm clock is stoopid and thought day lights savings was last week end, no the previous one. So it was on 7:37, not 6:37. How does that even work? Iunno, but then my mom was like do you want to stay home and I was like *cough* "Yes." *cough* So I fell back a sleep to wake up at 11:30 ish.


So, yes, in the last day I've gotten 13 hours of sleep and I feel that much better. :D


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That's what insomnia does to ya, weakening your immune system.


I am assuming, of course, that you shirked on sleep for a while... :P



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I haven't taken medicine for many years. Seriously.


Sleep and Orange Juice is the best cure for anything.

This forever. I haven't taken medicine in like years. I do however drink tons of orange juice and sleep a lot, or atleast try to. When I don't sleep is when I get sick. Imagine that. :rolleyes:

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