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Let's Cure Boredom With Anime!

Turakii #1 Lavasurfer


Helloooo! I am the Magical Anime Anti-Boredom Fairy, here to chase all your boredom blues awaaay! *Waves sparkling wand and flashes a smile.*


Summoning Magical Anime Powers! Chaaaarge... first attack ready!


Smiling boredom away! *Bzzzt!*






Didn't work? Don't think that was my most powerful attack...


Charging Magical Anime Powers! Chaaarge... second attack ready and waiting!


Melting boredom with sunset fluffiness! *poof!*






...Wait, that didn't work either? Well, uh... can't always get it right on the first, or, er, second try...


Charging Magical Anime Powers! Chaaarge... fire when ready!


Melting boredom with mind-boggling crossovers! *Kaka-bam!*






You mean to tell me you're still bored? What kind of prank is this!? Raaargh... *ahem.*


Charging Magical Anime Powers! Chaaarge... fully energized, waiting command!


Exploding boredom with incredible Portal awesomeness! *zaaap!*






N-n-n-no... don't leave yet! I have saved my most powerful attacks for last! Yes... yes! Remain! REMAIN AND WATCH THE POWER!


Charging Magical Anime Powers! Chaaarge... limitation reached, straining for release!


Overcoming boredom with guitar-wielding chibi! *zing!*






...*Ties you to a chair.* Don't even think about leaving.


Charging Magical Anime Powers! Chaaarge... throwing at boredom with righteous fury!


Drowning boredom in installation confusion! *Crash!*






Your boredom is gone now, right? Right? It is, riiiight? ... What do you mean, NO!?


Charging Magical Anime Powers! Chaaarge... HI-YAAAAH!


Anti-boredom sword! *KABOOM!*












Well, it's not like I wanted this job anyways.


*Flings wand out window and stomps off.*







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it would help if the subject in question is actualy bored. :P


i love the one with the playstation. where did you find these pics?

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So like, when I'm bored (read as: supposed to be doing something far more constructive), I go on Photobucket or Google and search "anime hug," "anime smile," "anime gun," "anime cool," or hey, just "anime," and then go on a saving spree. Hence, I has a huge, useless, shiny anime collection! 8D


So if it works for me, how can anyone be anything but thrilled at an entry full of said useless anime!? 8D


I love that last picture!

Can I have it?

Yep. =D If you want, I can upload more to my Maj in full size.




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It cured my boredom but has caused me to be saddened by L's death. D:


And that GlaDos picture is made of awesome, as well. :P

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I thought I had commented on this already...


Anyway, I like the GLaDOS, PS2, and Sword pics.


*Man, I really gotta play Portal...*


~ :t: :a: :r: :k: :a: :n: :a:

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