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Thursday+today=accomplishingly good


Parks and Recreation (Theme song is great)


The Office (haven't finished yet, but good anyway)


I got the Starcraft CD from a friend (barely know how to play lol <<)


Mythic Maps (I didn't get them, but instead I figured out that I only needed a perfect amount of points to buy the Legendary Maps Packs (500) as I had some already (100), so I bought them. Then I proceeded to play them on LIVE. Ils sont tres amusants.)


Which brings me to the sad part, the French kids leave in like a few minutes. ;_; I haven't seen them in like a few days though and I never will again unless I go to France next year. Goodbye Nina. ;_;


Having a rave tomorrow though. oonsz oonsz oonsz :D


And break starts today wewt!


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Starcraft <3

Mythic Maps <3

I don't think I've ever run into any Legendary maps in matchmaking... which sucks 'cause I really want to play Avalanche in BTB but I keep getting stupid Neutral Assault on Valhala and random junk on Sandtrap which I hate. >_>

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