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Not Again.......



I'm sick again and I know exactly why.


I forgot to drink orange juice.


So today I've drank at least a third, if not two fifths, of one of those normal Tropicana cartons.




Also who here also hated their newer bottle design?


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I know your problem, you need to drink the whole thing. ;]




That's what I do, too, though. Whenever I'm sick I don't take medicine, I just drink orange juice. To date, the longest I've been sick is two weeks, which was a few years ago when I had pneumonia.


~ Velox

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Haha, I guess you could say I'm sort of a spoiled brat. The longest I've been sick has been like a week with a cold (also never stung by a bee or broken a bone O=). And I'm very anti-medicine now and before I generally didn't like the medicine either. Orange juice ftw.


I dunno if being allergic to Penicillin helps though? =\

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Hey, I like the new design.

The little screw top is cute. :3


Keep drinking orange juice.

What would happen to you if orange juice suddenly disappeared? :o


[-The Alchemyst-]

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