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A Hint Of Fangirl

Turakii #1 Lavasurfer





I still have too long a life ahead

To get rid of these feelings, right?

I want to try doing over

The things I've left undone


I thought I was running after

Something carried over from my dreams

Yet I'm stumbling into people

On this narrow, winding road


It's not like I want to go back

To the way things were back then

I'm just searching

For the sky I've been losing


Here's hoping you'll understand

Stop making that sad face

As though you were a victim


Sins don't end with tears

You have to carry the pain forever

Who am I waiting for

In this maze of emotions

With no way out of sight?


I want to purge myself more simply

As if writing in a blank notebook

What is it I want to escape from?

It is reality?


It makes me want to scream

That we're alive

For things to come true

Can you hear me?


I can't put up with playing it safe

I've got nowhere to go home to

I'm always grateful for kindness

That's why I want to grow stronger

I'm on the way


I even welcome this pain

For the things I miss





...Okay, I'm done. :P





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