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Shameful Lack Of Reviews

Auserv: Toa-Kal of Emotion


Haven't gotten a review on Story of the Dead in two weeks tomorrow. Usually I get 4-6 reviews per week, but the last two chapters have been entirely ignored. Are people still reading?


I hope this isn't misinterpreted as being whiny, but if no one's reading I don't really have any reason to stick to my schedule... I think I'll delay the last chapter and epilogue for a bit, seeing as how I haven't written either yet and seeing as how it doesn't look like I'll be getting any reviews for them right now anyway. :/ So for the record, I'll be working on Chapter 30 and the Epilogue, and I'll post them as soon as I get my next review (Chapter 30 and then the Epilogue the next day). That means that if I get a review tonight in response to this entry, I'll have Chapter 30 up tomorrow and the Epilogue up on Sunday. That also means if no one reviews until June, there will be no updates until then.


However: If I get no reviews by the end of June, I'll just suck it up and post the chapters, then move onto Book 5. I definitely do not expect that to happen, but if it does I will not end the series at Book 4, Chapter 29. (Though I will probably simultaneously start it over on the site I moderate - I actually get reviews there. :P)


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I have read Chapter 29 but I'm busy doing my Shakespeare monologue homework. I'll try and type up a review. Just to tell you, I really like the Kishunno story.

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