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Farshtey Feed (p177-180*)




Friday, May 1, 2009

• Bara Magna is viewable from the endless ocean planet with the use of a telescope.
• Greg: "I think it is safe to say the MN telescope is not powerful enough to see out of the solar system…" meaning that Bara Magna and the endless ocean planet are in the same star system.
• North of Bara Magna's desert are primarily mountains and valleys, and inhabitable terrain is concentrated to a small region. To the south, on the other hand, the desert stretches all the way down. There are no oceans on Bara Magna, but there were on the planet it was once a part of.


• The housing of Bara Magna villages mostly consists of crude shelters.
• The technology of the implants used by the inhabitants of Bara Magna originated from the Great Beings.
• Although the set of Mata Nui is equipped only with a scarab shield and Thornax launcher, he also acquires a sword, which he finds and uses in the movie
• Gresh plays a significant role in the movie.
• There is a decent amount of age difference between Tarix, Strakk, Malum, etc. and Gresh. Gresh is also fairly new to being a #2 Glatorian.
• The #2 Glatorian who once won the Great Tournament was the #2 Glatorian for Tesara prior to Gresh, who has since died.
• As for the Glatorian species, some have been killed by baterra, prior to the Shattering; many more simply died in the war.
• The Agori mainly acted as support staff during the EP war.
• The Great Beings created the Element Lords, and they based the idea of the Toa's elemental powers off them.

• The Red Star is a propulsion system which enables Mata Nui to escape a planet's gravity, connecting onto him as he travels from planet to planet.
• The Red Star remains in a geosynchronous orbit around whichever planet Mata Nui visits.
• The beings in the Red Star are not in there against their will; rather they consider it their home same as the Matoran consider Mata Nui to be their home. They know of the Great Beings.
• The Red Star was created before Mata Nui was.
• The Red Star and its function have been planned since the beginning of the story.

• Greg: "[The Great Beings] regret releasing [the baterra] because they didn't get the job done in time. It was already too late by the time they made the decision to unleash them." The baterra had not been completed in time.
• It is possible that baterra were scattered to other planets during the Shattering.
• At least one baterra has been defeated by someone before.
• Baterra do not know how to repair themselves.
• The Bohrok were based on the baterra.

• Botar used the second Olmak to travel between dimensions and retrieve an alternate Tuyet.
• The Turaga of Metru Nui are imprisoned in the Coliseum.
• The Hydraxon comic will be 10 pages long only. Pridak will be featured in it.
• The name of the endless ocean planet and the identity of those who name(d) it relate to future story. It should be revealed this year.
• Mata Nui does not have multiple missions. When he lands on a planet, he is not looking for something specific. He is gathering knowledge.



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The Red Star info is most intriguing. Not in itself, but because I totally predicted that, without meaning to at all. ^_^



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I wonder what similarities there are between the baterra and the Bohrok.


I was hoping the Element Lords actually were Toa, except not called Toa and not being heroic and such.

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• Mata Nui does not have multiple missions. When he lands on a planet, he is not looking for something specific. He is gathering knowledge.


Hmm. Detective, perhaps?

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