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Odd Fansubs



Some things I just find kinda odd, some things I find really annoying.


For one thing, I've never seen the "this program was brought to you by the following sponsors" message subtitled before until now. Very odd, considering... you know, it's not really part of the show.


I've also never seen the "when watching [show], please brighten the room and watch at a distance from the TV" blurb subtitled before this, ever. I mean, when it's got an actual lil' animated scene to go with it, like in Hayate no Gotoku, or a voiceover, like in Minami-ke, that I can get, but the little white text that gets overlaid over the bottom of the screen on top of whatever's going on in the episode at the moment... never seen that subbed before. It's like, are they gonna sub the scrolling "such and such will be airing on such and such channel next week from such time ~ such time" message as well?


Now for what bugs me: stupid translator's notes. My thoughts are that with virtually no exception there are only 2 legitimate reasons for TL notes: puns and cultural references. If it's related to the story or the name is a reference to Greek mythology or something WE DON'T NEED TO KNOW. The point is to provide a smooth translation, not an in-episode factoid guidebook-- to approximate the viewing experiment for the native audience. Those who know Greek mythology will understand the reference without the TL note, same way as the folks watching in Japan. No need to supply the extra info.


And to go so far as to clear up stuff about the fictional universe and what's happening in the episode... I mean, why? Aren't we supposed to figure that stuff out on our own once they get to it? Like, what could make the subber think that that's good and necessary information to include? ^_~




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And that's why I do not watch anime...

The problem lies with the fansub group, not with the show itself. Most groups are fine, actually (some actually under-translate, IMO) and when watching raw there's no problem anyway. :P

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