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Ahahahaha Today's Xkcd



I keep getting distracted and I NEED TO WRITE MY PAPER.


Plus I still have miscellaneous homework to do.




I get to school and after first period, the students in her first period class tell me that she isn't here today and it's actually due tomorrow.





Also today's xkcd is probably the most hilarious thing ever.


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I can turn off my comp's internet, and I'm pretty sure you can, too.


How didn't you finish it when you weren't on MSN all weekend? o_O


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Because it's horrible and I had to start over once, it just sucks and I hate writing it, I got constantly distracted, and I had other things to do including a life guarding meeting for like three and a half hours.


Also I woke up at 1:30 today, against my plans. >>

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This is what always happens to me as well


The only solution is intense self loathing


or you could disconnect the net, but where's the fun in that?

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