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Skater Boy Summary

Turakii #1 Lavasurfer


Boy: I like you =D


Girl: I like you too =D


Friends: Ew, he has weird clothes


Girl: Bye now


(Five years later)


Boy: *Guitarguitarguitar*


Girl: =O


Friends: We have tickets! :happydance:


Avril Lavigne: But he's my boyfriend now, IN YOUR FACE!





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No, no, no. It's clearly a metaphor for Canadian artists skillfully inserting themselves into American pop culture for fame, glory, and wealth. Not sure where you got your interpretation. :P

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Friends: Ew, he has weird clothes

Do I now?



Butbutbut, he's got a BrickFest tshirt! And that's like super awesome!

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Turakii, did you just lose it?


-=< :s: >=-

Wait, she hasn't lost it yet? O.O

Get with the program, kids.


Much like myself, she NEVER HAD IT.


takumasmilie.gifTakuma Nuva:infected:

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That quite possibly is the best nut-shelling I've ever seen.



I dunno...SPIRIT's "BIONICLE in 1:50" was pretty good.


I have never heard that song. But now, your posting about it will probably compell me to listen to it. Darn you and your mind-control. :angry:


~ :t: :a: :r: :k: :a: :n: :a:

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