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Auserv: Toa-Kal of Emotion


Some problem with my computer's ability to connect to the Internet has appeared and as such I will not be online often until that gets straightened out. It might be a few hours, it might be a few weeks. Until then, I'll get on from my parents' computer when I can, but will be unable to post any fan fiction since that's all on my laptop. Thus, No More Sorrow, which would have been posted today, is delayed until the resolution of this problem. I do have it finished and it is some of my best writing, so I hope to be able to post it very soon. :)


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x_x Was it the iced tea or the drop? Or both? o_o

The iced tea. :o Shorted out the wireless switch. It's actually fixed now but the keyboard isn't working, so I still can't really do anything from my laptop until the replacement keyboard comes.

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