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Tlh's Week

Toa Lhikan Hordika


Well, this has been quite a week. I should be on BZPower on a regular basis again, and I'll be blogging everyday again (or as frequently as I am able to), but first, a review of my week since Saturday of last week (as in 8 days ago).


On Saturday, we all left the house at about noonish to take the 2 and 1/2 hour ride to Kalamazoo, Michigan so we could adopt our new dog, Tye. On the way there. I was able to read BIONICLE Legends 1-4 (still waiting for my local bookstore(s) to get BL5 in) and have a... review of 2006's storyline. We stopped about half way there to get a late lunch from Denny's. After getting stuffed on a spicy buffalo chicken sandwich and a load of fries, we made out way to Tye's former owners house. We met the owners and they were very nice people (I don't remember their names). After seeing Tye and making sure she was compatable with the younger two out of us four kids, we said that we would pick her up on Sunday after we had some rest at a hotel. The hotel we went to was very, very nice, not super fancy, but it was nice. It had an indoor pool, free (well it comes with your purchase of a room), all you can eat breakfast in the morning and cable television. My sisters and I had a fun night watching things like Spongebob Square Pants, Fairly Odd Parents, Drake & Josh and things like that on Nickelodeon. That night (I had brought my DVD player), I had a BIONICLE movie marathon in the room while my sisters were sleeping and I didn't get to bed until almost 3:30 AM! How I managed to get up at 7, I will never know.


The next day on Sunday (as said in the last paragraph), I got up at 7 AM and took an hour-long shower. I don't usually take long showers, but at hotels, you have to take advantage of the fact that the hot water seemingly never runs out. So after an hour of scorching my back, I got out and somehow (don't ask how, because even I don't know) managed to cut the palm of my right hands straight across it and wound up with an inch and a half long slice (OUCH!). On top of that, I went to the front desk and they were out of Band-Aids! I went downstairs with my family and we had breakfast. After that, we spent about 20 minutes packing up and getting our stuff into the van by about 9:30 and spent a couple of hours watching more TV (we're not the biggest TV people, but when you're at hotels (unless you're on buisiness), you get to be lazy). We checked out at noon, went to pick up Tye, and drove home. We got home at about 5 PM, unpacked and crashed. Sadly, I had to miss church that day.


The next day (Monday), I took the first portion of the MEAP Test (which is a 5 day test) and came home to prepare for work. Just before I leave, I received a phone call from Cody (my former across the street neighbor) who told me that his mom, sister, and 1 on two brothers (who was a twin) got in a car accident and the boy died (see last entry for details). I went to work, made my $27.50 and pretty much mourned the rest of the day. To cheer myself up, my dad drove me to Comics and More off of 13 and 1/2 Mile Road (Gardenia) and John R. (PM me if you buy your comics there) where I hadn't been in nearly a month, and I picked up my comics.


EDIT on Monday: After that, my dad was extra nice and drove me to K-Mart so I could buy an extra Hakann, Zaktan, and Avak, so you know what that means? I've now got Protodax!


Tuesday and Wednesday were the same: I went toe my local High School (Hazel Park High School, PM me if you go there so we can meet up) and crammed two days of MEAPing into one because I knew that I would have to go to the funeral home on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday (Friday was the actual funeral). After the first of the two parts of the MEAP, both days, I went to Taco Bell and got myself 2 Chalupas and a Hard shelled Taco along with a 32 oz. of Baja Blue Mountain Dew (man that stuff is tasty). After the MEAP, on Tuesday and Wednesday, we made the hour and a half drive to where Sue (the mother who's boy was killed in the car crash) lives so that we could be there for her and the rest of her family. I had to miss church on Wednesday as well.


Thursday, we went to the Funeral home and spent the whole day there. Not much to say except that I talked to people, ate and went home that night.


Friday, we left home at about 8:15 AM and attended the funeral service and burial. After that we went to the feast (I forget what it's called) that takes place after most funerals. Once the feast was over, my Grandpa asked me if I wanted to spend the night at his house (which I hadn't done all year) and just have some guy time with him. I agreed because my Grandpa and I really cheer eachother up most of the time and we really needed the fellowship with eachother. He took me home, I packed my things, he got gas, and before we went home, he took me to this place called the Fishermen's Net and OMG, they've got the best fish in town. They fry the fish fresh, right after you order it. Those fillet's were literally about 10"x 4"x 1" (Length, Width, Height/Thickness) and there were two of them! Needless to say, I think I gained an lb. that night :P . I've been very hesitant about them ever since they came out, but my curiousity got the best of me and I watched all 4 Harry Potter movies with my Grandpa (two the first night and the other two the next mornign) who happens to be a big Harry Potter fan. I was surprised because they were such good movies and I had gone so long without ever seeing them. The reason I was hesitant was because I'd heard some Christian reviews on them that were a little too conservative and made the movies sound evil, but in all reality, they really reminded my of the X-Men movies. I say this because it was about children who were born different from regular people who had special abilities and they went to a special school to harness their abilities.


Saturday, we watched the other two Harry Potter movies, told some jokes and had a few laughs. He made me an All-American breakfast that left me just as stuffed as I was after Friday's fish dinner: 2 over-easy eggs, 5 sausage links, 2 pieces of bacon, and 1 English Muffin (okay, so it wasn't all American :P ). Later we watched a scary movie called Tales From the Dark Side (He's always been a fan of scary movies and no matter how much I protest, he always manages to get me to watch them. Though they're scary I honestly never find myself regreting watching a good movie with my Grandpa and getting a few scares and jumps). After that, he dropped me off at my Aunt Christine and Uncle Andy's house so that I could babysit my two cousins A.J. and Parker for them as I do about every other Saturday. Those boys love BIONICLE, so I brought all 3 movies to see which one they wanted to watch. They ended up choosing Legends of Metru Nui. After the movie was done, they went to bed and I stayed up until my Aunt and Uncle got home. When they did, I went to bed and eagerly awaited the next day.


Sunday (Today), I got up, showered (as I do every day) and got myself ready for church. My Uncle drove me home and gave me $20 bucks (yay!) for babysitting the boys. I got home and freaked out because nobody was ready for church and we had to leave in 20 minutes. Then, I realized that it was no longer DST (Daylight Savings Time) so, I had gotten home and hour earlier than I usually did. In the hour I had, I gave the kitchen a serious cleaning. I did the dishes, cleared off/cleaned the counters and stove, cleaned the top of the dishwasher, and I swept/mopped the floor. After that, we went to church and about 7 people had asked me where I had been because I hadn't been at church all week. I filled them in on my week, just as I have filled you in. After service, I had to go to Drama practice. It ended at 2:30 and I realized that I hadn't eaten all day, so we went to Subway and I got a foot-long Seafood Sensation sub. I can't believe I ate that whole thing because usually, I only eat half and save the other half for the next meal/day, but I did. Since then, I've cleaned the livingroom and napped. Now I'm here blogging and filling you in on my week.


Seeing as you really don't care about all of this and you're just wondering, "TLH, where the Random Fact Of The Day?" , here it is (Note: the next 5 to 6 RFotD's will be time based):


Random Fact Of The Day:


There are 1440 minutes in a day.


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Wow, long week eh? I know how you feel when someone passes on, very, very, bad, or very, very, sad. And yes, goofing off at hotels are great, I should know, my mom used to own one. :P And boy you got Subway, which is very good, and a foot longer. Yum!
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