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Just Saw The New Game



I just received the first beta of the updated Glatorian Arena v2 game, which will come out (hopefully) in August. It follows the same structure... talk with Agori, battle Glatorians... but it's been improved quite a bit. There are new characters (duh), a new location, and some new moves that make the combat more interesting. It took me a few minutes to get used to it, but I think it's an improvement on the first version. The backflip is a nice touch. :)


Ackar kicked. My. Butt.


Anyway, it's looking good. Just thought you'd want to know. I'll post a screenshot or two when we get closer to the launch date, but it's not quite ready for that yet.




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Can you fight the winter Glatorian against the summer Glatorian? Oh, and is the gameplay a bit faster? Other than that the game sounds pretty cool. Backflips <3.

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Wow sounds awesome. BTW does mata nui have any special powers in the game



and WHY AUGUST, I thought it should come out in july but I guess thats up to you



Cant wait. Maybe in a few weeks you could give us a small prievew?

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I'm so playing as Stronius.


August makes sense, since the original came out in late February. Would make a nice birthday present, for me at least. :D

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Hmm...this blog looks shopped...


Nah, just kidding

Any way, great to hear Bink

Hope we get to VS each other, like in the Rhotuka Challenge

Also, who do we start as?

I'd think Mata-Nui...

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New moves, new characters, and backflips! This sounds great! But we will be able to play as the winter characters right?


Anyway, if there are new moves for winter characters, I think it would be sweet to see grabs, combos, or seeing Gresh doing a backflip and firing his Thornax.

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Oh. I can only imagine Malum doing a backflip :lol: xD. Hmm... Binky got his butt whooped by Ackar? :o Isn't that like... ironic or something? :onfire: Anyways, thank you for telling us this awesome new info :D.

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