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I.... I.... I'm Jolly. O-e



I'm truly amazed. Usually, on the days I have a bunch of quiztests, at the end of the day I feel bad and feel like I did poorly. It isn't exactly that I actually did poorly, it's just that the lasting feel comes from the last problem and usually I don't know the answer and feel like the entire quiztest was a bad grade.


But today, I had a quiztest in 4 subjects, and all in the morning. All of them I felt awesome with. Math especially. Right at the last second, after the bell had rung, I remembered a crucial formula we hadn't covered in like a year. ahaha I would write it out and try to act like I'm smarter than you guys, but it just looks like jibberish without the right symbols and takes too long to write.


Anyways now I'm doing nothing except browsering the internet and watchering that newer Speed Racer movie on TV. I must say I barely can tell what is going during the races, and the colors are very.... bright.... but for the times that it is in slow motion and epic stuff is happening. Yeah its cool I guess. Way too fast and stuff. They need better views too, so you can actually see what is going on. =/




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w/e bzpfale


Yeah it was actually pretty epic with the shiny colors. I never saw the first though so I don't know what I'm missing etc.

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