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The Sorting Is Done!



OK, not BIONICLE related, but still a big deal for me.


The sorting I told about here is at long last complete. The basement is now a full LEGO room, with building table, boom box, hanging LEGO and BIONICLE banners, sufficient lighting, and a boombox.


To commemorate this auspicious occasion, I built a Danish flag to match my American flag.


Now I'm off on a new project. I'm about halfway done with a vehicle from Halo 3, and it's turning out really well. It's remote controlled with Power Functions, and all four treads actually move. It should be complete in a couple of weeks. (I take a long time to fiddle with stuff, and TECHNIC - especially moving TECHNIC - is always a challenge.)


I can't tell you how wonderful it is to have an organized space where all the brick is stored in drawers, and where I can find exactly what I need in just a few seconds. This is the first time I've had my collection together and organized in several years, and I'm really looking forward to sitting down and cranking some MOCs out. I've even got a couple of ideas for BIONICLE MOCs, but I confess that I'm not very good at those kind of MOCs. I'm more of a System type builder.


As soon as my camera battery is charged, I'll post some pics.


Update: Battery charged, pictures taken, uploaded to Flickr.




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Cool. It really took you four months to sort it all? It would probably take me a year or two had I been in your shoes.



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Y-you wrecked the Stargate? :o



Scorpion looks promising. Will it have an accurate color scheme? :P

I think Stargate is mounted on his wall, no?


Also cannot wait for the Scorpion (I assume?) to be done. Hopefully it'll be as epic as Legohaulics Power Function Warthog. ^^

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Looks good.


You take requests at all Bink? I think some of the ships from Oban Star Racers would be a challenge and look great.

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Woah...That's a lot of LEGO pieces. And to think before this moment, I thought I had a lot of LEGO pieces and sets in my house's basement.


Of course, I never had to worried about organized them all too greatly as I had a lot of them on display around the room. Although considering I used to be LEGO sorter on my team in the FIRST LEGO League, it wouldn't be too much of a chore for me, especially since I already have a lot of my BIONICLE pieces organized by color and use in baggies. I also made use of old canisters to hold things from Kanohi to Kanoka to Krana to Kraata.


Still my collection is nowhere near as great as yours, so congrats. I hope you have fun building with your mountain load of part. :)



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Y-you wrecked the Stargate? :o

It doesn't look like he did...unless that circle thing hanging next to the LEGO logo is the inner circle...

I just assumed it was upstairs in his living room or something. *crosses fingers*


Glad you got all your sorting done! Good luck building!



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I expect lots of pictures of the Scorpion, Kelly. Also, it looks a little cozy in there, you had better not expand your collection too much more.

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no offense, but..


Nah, just joking

Good to hear Bink

Looks like a nice cozy little room

*Wishes I had that room*

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