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My Latest Moc Project



OK, so it's not done, but it's getting there. The mechanism is all working, now it's just a matter of putting a "skin" on it so it looks like it should. But I wanted to post a work-in-progress movie. Click the graphic to download and watch a 12MB WMV movie.




For those of you who don't play the Halo video game, it's a Scorpion battle tank. It has four treads and a revolving turret. Obviously the turret is just tacked on to give you an idea of how it will look when finished. But I'm pretty happy with the shape and function so far. I hope to have the full thing finished within a couple of weeks.


Oh yeah, should show you what it's supposed to look like: Halo Scorpion Tank.



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Looks great! My friend tried to make a Scorpion once and it didn't turn out so well. Bink, did you think of making a Warthog to go with that?

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I can picture it.


A multiplayer match in Valhalla. Got lots of players in a CTF, and when the reds are about to score, a giant LEGO Scorpion is being driven by Bink into the battlefield.




The tank looks great. I can't really imagine how to make the skin, but having seen all of your pieces, there are endless possibilities. Great job, and hope to see the Scorpion up and running soon.

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That's awesome. Halo always has such awesome vehicles. Have you ever thought of building another vehcile to go along with this one, like a Wraith?

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If you promise to bring that to BrickCon, I will come forth from the shadows of Pierce County to try it out.


That thing is just awesome. Obviously remote controlled is the way to go for it, but what gave you the insperation to motorize it? Isn't building a Scorpion enough?


And from the looks of things, Lego employment has done wonders for your budget for some of these parts.


And here I thought the Stargate was an awesome little toy you made. -Swert

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You know Kelly, I think you need to bring it to display it at the next big convention in the US, which just happens to be BrickFair. See you in August?

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Inquiry: Are you just Bulk-building (One solid mass, no hollow areas), or are you designing it like,say, the Clone Turbo Tank Lego Star Wars set, with hollow insides to put minifigs in?

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The barrel rotates faster than the tank, so you can't turn around while blasting somethiing. =(


Although it is pretty sweet. I'd love to build with those motors.

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That's pretty epic.


...Dare you to construct an operational Scarab for the next project. You'd have to rob the vault of all the purple though.

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