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What I've Been Up To

Auserv: Toa-Kal of Emotion


So over the last month while BZPower was down, I managed to write three chapters of my fanfic. I know that it's not much for one month, since normally I have to post two chapters a week. But with no motivation from BZPower, the fact that I wrote the 20+ pages I did is very impressive. So I'll begin posting the next stretch of the story starting on Monday.


Why am I delaying almost a week? Because my computer's hinge has been damaged, making using it very troublesome. I generally don't like sitting for long periods of time on it because I can't move at all (the computer has to constantly be propped up or it will simply flop shut). So I'm assuming that'll be fixed by Monday.


On next Tuesday, I have my first real college classes (and I'm only 15, so that's pretty cool), that being Intro to Psychology and second-year Japanese (first year was done during high school). I'm also doing a few classes at home, namely Kitchen Chemistry and Consumer Math for this semester and World Geography and Literature for next semester.


Speaking of kitchens, I've started an allergy avoidance diet over the time BZP was down. My eosinophilic diseases make me very sensitive to many foods, so I'm reduced to eating a select few groups of food to avoid having allergic reactions, in the hopes that the eosinophils (allergy cells) in my digestive system will eventually die off, allowing me to eat normally. I haven't generally missed the foods, and the lack of allergic reactions is worth it, so don't feel bad for me or anything. Plus people with eosinophilic diseases tend to have a much lower chance of getting cancer in the places they have excess eosinophils, so at least we know I won't be dying of throat, stomach, or colon cancer. :P


Um, that's about all I can think of to say right now. So...later.

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