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Another Anniversary, Another Entry.



First of all, congrats BZP for your 8th anniversary. Older than my nephew, lol.


Anyways, question for you guys: how many Glatorian Legends do you have? 5 out of 6, it is pretty awesome. The only one I don't have is Vastus. I don't have much to talk about, so I'm going to say all that happened from Saturday to Monday:


Well I'm having a little problem with a site not allowed here, actually: it seems that BZP member ExDee got me involved in a hacking war. The war is for PivotMasterDX, the sites's best Pivot animator. (Pivot is a stickfigure animator.) ExDee has been trying to prove that the hacker isn't who the people suppose, but in fact a PivotMasterDX fanboy who learned how to hack 8 weeks prior. Now the image evidence he has cannot be shown here due to obvious reasons. Alright, maybe not so obvious, but reasons. Really, PivotMasterDX does not give a crud. But with all the fanboys and fangirls out there awaiting his return, he's just going to have to deal with what he started. (Yes, I know, that didn't make any sense.)


Moving right along, we're at another subject: DON'T DITCH YOUR FRIENDS. Me, my best friend, and his friend I really don't like were supposed to go see G.I. Joe. Well guess what, my best friend went with his friend and DITCHED ME. They knew they ditched me, and I could hear the previews in the background. It feels bad to be ditched by your best friend, so I had to sit around all night trying to figure out what to do to pass the boredom. He made up an excuse, saying "my friend had to go to the bathroom real bad and the nearest one was the movie theater so he went and we decided to go to G.I. Joe. We were going to call you, but your cell phone is down, so." It's obvious to me it's an excuse because he stutters when he lies, and he was stuttering probably more than 100 times.


Now, on the subject everyone is thinking of: back to school. Yes, I know, THE AGONY. I'm going back to school August 26th, which really ticks me off. I just found out that my town is the only town to start school in August. All the rest start in September. I'd love to be them, but sadly I'm not. I live in my town where there's a Dunkin' Donuts, two pizza parlors, a pharmacy, a Chinese restaurant, and much much more. At least it has a Dunkin' Donuts.


I am VERY happy! IT'S BEEN DELAYED. What is it? It is school. I was supposed to go back August 26th, well it turns out that it's been delayed to September 2nd! I get an extra week of summer! I couldn't be happier. Also, the site not allowed, Twitter, and Facebook are combining. It's going to be called YouTwitFace, just kidding. I also saw the Best Worst Movie today. Troll 2. It doesn't even have anything to do with trolls! Do not see it, trust me, not scary.


I is a emo person sometimes, no I do not cut myself, I just do nothing to people and they hate me, it makes me feel suicidal. I think those thoughts, but I get better. Speaking of emo, I heard Crayola's going to be naming one of their colors after emo habits. FREAKY!


Crayons made you the pimp back then. Like, money didn't matter, all those rich kids would be like the nerds no one liked. It was like "Hey that's Jake, he's got the 69 Crayola pack, don't mess with him." But I was a disturbed child in Kindergarden. I drew a inappropriate thing once, then before the teacher came I coincidentally screwed up and threw it away. =P I TOLD YOU I WAS DISTURBED. Anyways, yeah, people would be wearing down my crayons and taking them and I'd go "Hey you can't do that!" well one day someone stole my favorite color, red, and I didn't know who.


Well when I got my alphabet test back, that A+ was in MY red crayon. Teacher stole my crayon. =(


Now, questions for you:


have you ever been threatened by a hacker? If so, what was the situation?


Have you ever been ditched by your friends? What did they ditch you for?


Are you excited to go back to school?


Has anything you're not looking forward to been delayed?


What is the most gullible joke you can think of?


What is the worst movie you have ever seen?


Have you ever had suicidal thoughts?


Finally, did your teacher do something behind your back?


Leave your answers below. =)








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