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I'll Be Gone

Taka Nuvia


... from Sunday to Thursday.


This is not my week in Italy, this will follow aftrerwards.


But on Thursday I'll be here, scanning my entry for AC 17 and posting it. Even though there's a high chance that I won't be here when the voting takes place.... ah well. ^^


EDIT: Just found out that today'S the 22nd :crying: No AC17 for me

EDIT of the EDIT: There's still hope


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Seeing as it´s almost sunday now, I don´t think you´ll read this until after you´ve gone back.. anyway, bye Taka. =(



If you´ve already gone back: Yayz welcome back Taka! :D


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*Gasp* No Taka? No AC17 from you?

=( That just makes me sad.

Well I guess I wish you to have a good time anyway =)



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