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The Brick Is A Lie



This was a triumph

I’m making a note here: huge success

It’s hard to overstate my satisfaction


We do what we must because we can

For the good of all of us

Except the ones who are Skrall

But there’s no sense crying over every mis-click

You just keep on trying till you run out of brick

And the science is cool and you make a neat tool

For the people who are... still browsing


... still browsing...


... still browsing.

CONTEST Contest contest...


Do you think the cake is a lie? Can I haz yr cheezburgerz? Do all your base belong to us?


Make your own meme!


First of all, if you don't understand a word I've just written, click "back" before your eyeballs are scarred for life. This isn't for you. If you nodded knowingly and muttered, "Shake that baby app," you're the one I need.


What do I need, you ask?


I need random schtuff. I need you to put a nonsensical phrase together. I need the most random, off-the-wall, weird, "what the heck did he just say?", left-field gobbledegook that you can come up with. Then, unbeknownst to my colleagues within LEGO, I intend to plant it into some of the work we're doing for 2010 (probably later in the year). It should be short and sweet, something able to be spraypainted on a wall (not that I advocate that in any way, of course). You can have multiple suggestions - simply edit your comment. Questions will be ignored in the order in which they are submitted.


The prize? Um. Well, yeah. About that. How about my undying gratitude for as long as I remember (which, given my advanced senility, is about 45.6 seconds these days. What was I saying?). Srsly.* No prize except Binky saying, "You won!"


What you should do:

Post in this comment field, with one or more nonsense phrases. No crudity, no swearing, nothing like that. I'll be watching you with the little webcam built into my forehead, so I'll know when you're cheating, I'll know when you're awake, I'll know if you've been bad or good, so you better be good for goodness sake... wait, that's Santa Claus. I didn't know he had a webcam built into his forehead too.


As you can tell with the random nature of this blog post, I'm looking for wacky stuff. The less sense it makes, the better - and who better to ask than you guys? (Bam! Inyerface.)


I don't know where this will turn up, or if it will. But if it does, in a year or so, you'll have the satisfaction of knowing that you may have contributed in some small way. I'd love this to become viral and meme-worthy, and I feel confident in sliding this past my colleagues into a game, to bamboozle them.


Just remember - the brick is a lie.


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OK, a slight explanation for the brave yet confused souls who think I've gone off my rocker. "The cake is a lie" is a phrase from the video game Portal, which is excellent, by the way. The lyrics at the top of this post are a modified version of the song sung by GladOS at the end of the game. "I can has cheezburger" is from the Lolcats site. "All Your Base Are Belong To Us..." if you don't know that one, you're way too young to be talking to me.


Let the nonsense begin!


* Don't you just hate it when old folks try to be "hep"? Isn't it just... so embarrassing? Sheesh, have some dignity, you old fogey!


UPDATE: The nonsense doesn't have to be BIONICLE related. In fact, it shouldn't be related to BIONICLE characters or settings.


Recommended Comments

I'm mainly good at relating existing memes to Bionicle, such as Brickrolls (though that's LEGO and I just thought of it), Vahki firin' their Diskors, and relating the end of 2008 to All Your Base are Belong to Us, but I guess I'll try.


1. STRAKKATTACK! (This is pretty much what happened to Ackar. :P)


2. Vezon wuz heer (Just because Vezon is awesome, plus he has Olmak powers now)


That's all I can think of now, but the Vezon one seems to be the best, as it could fit in a lot of places, just as you said, "spraypainted on a wall." It doesn't seem to be as much random stuff, though. Ooh, I know:


3. Umbrutakanudraxon (This is what I originally thought when looking at Tuma, since he has a lot of similar parts to Umbra, Brutaka, 2008 Takanuva, and Hydraxon).

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"Strategically placed marshmallows"

Or "Strategically placed ice-cubes" (or maybe ice-cycles since this is the Bionicle world?)





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Back from the dead, I'm the sleeper done slumberin',

Pass me the mic, and I might stop mumblin',

Crumble like a cracker, fall like a leaf,

'Cause the hole in my soul been filled underneath!


So whether you're a winner or a loser (by the numbers!),

Everyone knows that a tie goes to the runners,

So get yourself in this race,

'Cause this little thing here gonna set a new pace!


A quote from a song called "Hey Now" by tobyMac. I love this particular little part of the lyrics. :P

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Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?



╨─╨ Why hello there.


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1. Cake is good and crumbly when dry.


2. I see you.


3. Tohu is non unpleased.


4. Sock puppets can be fun, but sweaty, in high school.


5. Is this good enough?

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Okay, here's a few.


If a duck is a duck, when is it not? And when doth a goose become a swan?

To see is to taste reality.

Happiness lies in the bowels of jungle drains.

Granite never granted a lot of contentedness to wererats in Belgium.

Do not be surprised at his fudgesicles.

Never try whirlwind lasers in frankfurters; they don't meet the standards necessary for propulsion.

Talk to a grocer and turn him about.

Hopeless without pumpkins?


And no, there is no coherent thought process for any of these.



~ :e: :e: :k: :m_o:

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The black Spikit of AAAAARRRRRRGH...

Thrice within an Anonymous or us most survived gleefully forever.

Shut up, this is a witty comment.

Has anyone seen my proportions?


That's in a codebox because it's a submission.

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"The memory stick is always tasty."


"Typing is flail." (After a mistake in spelling)







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I liekz ur laffs


That's the best I can come up with, seriously how do you guys do it?



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Pardon me for being a little out of the loop, but I've neither played Portal or heard of the "All your bases are belong to us." (Although I have a hunch it's from "Starcraft" or something).


1. "Well I'll be a capitalist forklift!"


2. "Life force bingo."


3. "I am cardboard elite."


4. "Note the imperial saucepan."


5. "Bug repellant and flamethrowers do not mix."


6. "I think I can smell boulder emergency rate and keep Wallace. You are out."


7. "Me can clean room and Great Britain DVD sales, as you know."


8. "I almost got owned by a flying couch!"


9. "Not to the best of my recollection."


All of these are original; most are drawn from random (really random :P) conversations with my brother. :D

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I realize you are looking for original stuff, but what about some random stuff from lines LEGO already owns/has rights to? Like "I have a bad feeling about this." (which isn't actually something you'd need rights to anyway)?


Basically maybe some obscure, famous quote from movies that LEGO has.


Or can you quote regular movies? Like Willy Wonka's "We are the music makers... and we are the dreamers of dreams."



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Heed the atomic squid.


My nightmare:he eats chess with my eyelashes.


Never drink numbers.


The footprints are in the butter.

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the shattering wuz all Nokama's fail.


Unlimited Thornax Works


I am the bone of my Stinger Blade.




Fero/skirmix might




There's a Zakaz in my Sanok


Feed me closer to insanity, closer to the rex.

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I realize you are looking for original stuff, but what about some random stuff from lines LEGO already owns/has rights to? Like "I have a bad feeling about this." (which isn't actually something you'd need rights to anyway)?


Basically maybe some obscure, famous quote from movies that LEGO has.


Or can you quote regular movies? Like Willy Wonka's "We are the music makers... and we are the dreamers of dreams."



I actually love this idea. "Fear my stinger tail" or "'Cause that's what friends do" would be lulzworthy. :P


But anyway, here's one that I think just owns the universe, maybe I'm wrong. Any long-time Bionicle fans will get this.


Loading, please wait!


And now time to use some old memes from Exo's Comics and whatnot. Making up new phrases outa nowhere seems a little too contrived. I'm also tempted to put "Andy Reid smash!", but I know that won't fly. xD


The grotesque size of my head represents my ego!


my hciwdnas!


And now a new one. Name puns FTW.


The Cee bears life! The Cee bore us!


I want the answer!


*"my" is the product of the word filter. It should read "Ham" backwards, as the phrase is "Ham Sandwich" backards.

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"And he saith to them, the very fabric of the universe was waiting, waiting for these final and precious moments to be unsaid towards the man"


"And he spoke."


"It must be you alone. If cannot be that way, bring your friend or something. Run, run quickly, or I'll spork you"

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The Boogalou went down to Georgia.


And carnivorous plants are best kept in pilots pants.


No need for apollogies. The Milk ate the fog.



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Ferrets and Weasels will take over mars and if you order now, we'll throw in a free can of Spam!

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As I recall, that day I was touring the bottom of the ocean in my magical shopping cart.

Oh no my Bucket fainted. ;_;


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