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The Brick Is A Lie



This was a triumph

I’m making a note here: huge success

It’s hard to overstate my satisfaction


We do what we must because we can

For the good of all of us

Except the ones who are Skrall

But there’s no sense crying over every mis-click

You just keep on trying till you run out of brick

And the science is cool and you make a neat tool

For the people who are... still browsing


... still browsing...


... still browsing.

CONTEST Contest contest...


Do you think the cake is a lie? Can I haz yr cheezburgerz? Do all your base belong to us?


Make your own meme!


First of all, if you don't understand a word I've just written, click "back" before your eyeballs are scarred for life. This isn't for you. If you nodded knowingly and muttered, "Shake that baby app," you're the one I need.


What do I need, you ask?


I need random schtuff. I need you to put a nonsensical phrase together. I need the most random, off-the-wall, weird, "what the heck did he just say?", left-field gobbledegook that you can come up with. Then, unbeknownst to my colleagues within LEGO, I intend to plant it into some of the work we're doing for 2010 (probably later in the year). It should be short and sweet, something able to be spraypainted on a wall (not that I advocate that in any way, of course). You can have multiple suggestions - simply edit your comment. Questions will be ignored in the order in which they are submitted.


The prize? Um. Well, yeah. About that. How about my undying gratitude for as long as I remember (which, given my advanced senility, is about 45.6 seconds these days. What was I saying?). Srsly.* No prize except Binky saying, "You won!"


What you should do:

Post in this comment field, with one or more nonsense phrases. No crudity, no swearing, nothing like that. I'll be watching you with the little webcam built into my forehead, so I'll know when you're cheating, I'll know when you're awake, I'll know if you've been bad or good, so you better be good for goodness sake... wait, that's Santa Claus. I didn't know he had a webcam built into his forehead too.


As you can tell with the random nature of this blog post, I'm looking for wacky stuff. The less sense it makes, the better - and who better to ask than you guys? (Bam! Inyerface.)


I don't know where this will turn up, or if it will. But if it does, in a year or so, you'll have the satisfaction of knowing that you may have contributed in some small way. I'd love this to become viral and meme-worthy, and I feel confident in sliding this past my colleagues into a game, to bamboozle them.


Just remember - the brick is a lie.


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OK, a slight explanation for the brave yet confused souls who think I've gone off my rocker. "The cake is a lie" is a phrase from the video game Portal, which is excellent, by the way. The lyrics at the top of this post are a modified version of the song sung by GladOS at the end of the game. "I can has cheezburger" is from the Lolcats site. "All Your Base Are Belong To Us..." if you don't know that one, you're way too young to be talking to me.


Let the nonsense begin!


* Don't you just hate it when old folks try to be "hep"? Isn't it just... so embarrassing? Sheesh, have some dignity, you old fogey!


UPDATE: The nonsense doesn't have to be BIONICLE related. In fact, it shouldn't be related to BIONICLE characters or settings.


Recommended Comments

Spammers spam with missiles. Staff staff with awesomeness.


The cupcake is a lie.


Black Six versus White Six, Makuta Teridax versus White Teridax.

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1. Stress Relief:



2. Fried Kalmah in Pridak sauce with a side of Carapar


3. Blame Tahu


4. Flabitylabity boo


5. Oh, no! I killed Walla Walla. But I still like his onions!


6. I just ATE the Gingerbread man!


7. Cheezy teeth


8. Teethy Cheeze


9. Mata Nui is a Thornax in Tuma's side


10. Duct Tape is like the force, It has a light side and a dark side and it holds the universe together


11. In the event of an emergency, please run around in circles screaming at the top of your lungs.


12. I love Polypsicles!

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Oh, I Get it like "There's Somthing on your Back" from Doctor Who


Dark's on the Fire


Lightning's on your head


Night's in the Veil


The Oracle's Lost Her Head


Codes of the Lost

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Normally, I don't participate in this kind of stuff, but "the brick is a lie" and "Still Browsing" made this too good to resist... I know you said that it doesn't have to be BIONICLE-related, but if you're doing this for BIONICLE.com, there's so many great BIONICLE/BZPower-related things that I just thought I'd point out a few:

  • "You Kohlii-head, windfly to the Key to Nongu because that's what friends do! Now, beware my stinger tail!" (A collection of cheesy lines)
  • "brakelatabasalata feed me :wacko: " (Rather self-explanatory)
  • "BURN STUFF!" (The stereotyped Tahu in BZPower's comedies)
  • "The over-used pie joke is a lie..." (The over-used pie joke in BZPower's comedies, plus "The cake is a lie...")
  • "92% blah blah blah. If you are 2% that don't blah blah blah, copy and paste into your sig." (Rather self-explanatory)
  • "Carapar died to save your weapons!" ("RIP" sigs for Carapar)
  • "Mutran died to save your swamp-filled cave!" ("RIP" sigs for Mutran)
  • "Brutaka died to save your... oh, wait, never mind, he's not dead yet..." (A fake "RIP" sig by bonesiii back in 2008)
  • "They're coming to take Vezon away, ha-haa!" (Spoof of "They're coming to take me away, ha-haa!" by Napoleon XIV)
  • "I knew it! WOO-HOO! Name's Kiina, blah blah blah, WOO-HOO!" (Kiina's rather cringe-worthy "WOO-HOO")
  • "i love bionicle" (Rather self-explanatory; you know, many spam topics make great memes)
  • "Thok plans to steal the Mask of Light!" (S@H typo back in 2006 that had everybody on BZPower confused)
  • "Listen again to the legends of the Bionicles. In the times before times, the Toas saved the Matorans and Turagas..." (Reference to the incorrect 'Bionicles')
  • "Lewa's in trouble! Quick, call Onua!" (Self-explanatory)
  • "BIONICLE was ruined the day GregF came up with 'Teridax'." (Some peoples' opinions of Teridax's name)
  • "Tohu is not pleased." (Self-explanatory)
  • "Trust in Hapori Dume!" (Self-explanatory)
  • "Board Message: The server is too busy to complete your request." (Self-explanatory)
  • "Play it again, Va." (An old Board Message)
  • "Try bubble wrap. It's sooooothing!" (An old Board Message)
  • "Must... have... MORE!" (What you'd hear every time you grabbed a new sheet of bubble wrap)
  • "In BIONICLE, 'I can't answer that' or 'Follow the story and find out' usually translates to 'Yes'." (GregF's response to usually-correct theories)
  • "My Matoran, these Three Virtues are what all true Toa strive for!" (Sorry, I know, it's horrible and cliche...)
  • "Mata Nui x Virus / Matoran Universe + Ignika - Makuta + Teridax = The Plan!" (Putting the Plan into mathematical terms)
  • "Remember that the Weighted Companion Nuva Cube cannot speak." (Weighted Companion Cube, anybody?)
  • "Tuyet, I'm HOME!" (What GregF should've done instead of "Hi, dear, I'm home!")
  • "Isn't it obvious? The traitor in BIONICLE: The Legend Reborn is Ahkmou!" (The 'big mystery' around TLR's traitor and a traitor in years past)
  • ">> Click to show Spoiler - click again to hide... <<" (No, don't actually click it; the spoiler tag itself is the suggestion)
Well, I've had my input... good luck choosing!


EDIT: How about something completely unrelated to BIONICLE, then?


"Onward! The monkeys await! We must defeat the cows!"

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"All your cake is belong to cheezburgerz."


"i has a brick."


"I've got a jar of bricks."


"This is a meme."


"This is funny."


"Sharks divided by Luke Skywalker times milk plus Bionicle minus Davy Jones adding the square root of Kelly bonded together with nuclear fission equals 42."


Wow. I'm scared of my mind...

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I can only offer one good idea, that may or may not make sense.


"Nobody ever talks about the good things Teridax did."


It'd fit perfectly. -Swert

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One can say that especially on the contrary above all time could be doing both besides and furthermore things have first namely in this way put neither knowing nor getting accordingly their problem in spite of simultaneously making them at our other part from which point about one with some last fact except for not without keeping down like any case within your next context.

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Frankefurt dreamin'




Oof Me Ouchies


Nose for a 2 (Nosferatu)


It takes two to beat the other.


Only one man can win a four man fight.


Iffledip iffledip, let down your jar (kinda based on rapunzel; you can just say iffledip)


Fish for supper


Not today, maybe yesterday


Gimme four ones for my $5 bill


Chillin with my undead bro


I'm not real today. Try again tomorrow.

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BiNkY eAtS SaNvIcH!


My LiVe Is PaIn.


WhY mY sHoUlDeRs HuRt?


WiLl ThErE ReAlLy Be CaKe?


Scout:What are you president of her fan club?

Spy:No, that will be your mother.


OMG! 101 dollars bill!

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Next time, baby, I'll be bulletproof.

Haha, your funny has a apple face!!

I don't think we're in the Matoran Universe anymore, Ignika.

Pie, you say?

I have had it with the monkey fighting snakes on this Monday to Friday plane!

It's true, the goblins in my closet took them!!!

i liekz the chikceen featz... deyz beh yemmy

In the morning I will be sober, but you, ma'am, will still be ugly.

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If I say shoot you eat pie, if you eat pie, I shoot, If I eat pie you run around dancing like a piece of wood.



you are obsolete. you will be even more obsolete after falling over into bananas. you are now alone.



"I can fly!"

"I can die!"



The end is not the beggining, nor is it the end. In fact, it it isn't even the middle. So there. Inyerface I know more than you.



The rabid monkeys eat races, so now you are dead, but are falling down under. Do the hoedown showdown throwdown mowdown. Grab your partner dosey do!



A ploughmans lunch was here but then got eaten. If you don't like it tough. I IZ KEWL!



If you ever see pens, kill them before they kill you! Especially if they're pigpens.




*pant pant* I'm done. *Faints from exhaustion.*

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'Gorp Corp Incorperated"


X at the speed of light


(as in, a verb appended by the phrase "at the speed of light", or for psudo math geeks [like me] "@C". )


i assume you have "millhouse isnt a meme" and 'fail'...


"antimatter is lasers"




"degenerative lobsters"


also, anyone who doesn't get what a meme is does not spend enough time on the internet, haha. anonymous is legion....




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My own- I'm going the general movie quote here.


I think of a man... then I take away reason, and accountability.


First rule of leadership: everything is your fault.


On a long enough timeline, the survival rate for everyone drops to zero.


One man's compost is another man's potpourri.


Stop trying to hit me and hit me!


You get what you settle for...


If a duck is a duck, when is it not?


We are music makers... we are the maker of dreams.


Those two are my favorites from other people.



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