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The Brick Is A Lie



This was a triumph

I’m making a note here: huge success

It’s hard to overstate my satisfaction


We do what we must because we can

For the good of all of us

Except the ones who are Skrall

But there’s no sense crying over every mis-click

You just keep on trying till you run out of brick

And the science is cool and you make a neat tool

For the people who are... still browsing


... still browsing...


... still browsing.

CONTEST Contest contest...


Do you think the cake is a lie? Can I haz yr cheezburgerz? Do all your base belong to us?


Make your own meme!


First of all, if you don't understand a word I've just written, click "back" before your eyeballs are scarred for life. This isn't for you. If you nodded knowingly and muttered, "Shake that baby app," you're the one I need.


What do I need, you ask?


I need random schtuff. I need you to put a nonsensical phrase together. I need the most random, off-the-wall, weird, "what the heck did he just say?", left-field gobbledegook that you can come up with. Then, unbeknownst to my colleagues within LEGO, I intend to plant it into some of the work we're doing for 2010 (probably later in the year). It should be short and sweet, something able to be spraypainted on a wall (not that I advocate that in any way, of course). You can have multiple suggestions - simply edit your comment. Questions will be ignored in the order in which they are submitted.


The prize? Um. Well, yeah. About that. How about my undying gratitude for as long as I remember (which, given my advanced senility, is about 45.6 seconds these days. What was I saying?). Srsly.* No prize except Binky saying, "You won!"


What you should do:

Post in this comment field, with one or more nonsense phrases. No crudity, no swearing, nothing like that. I'll be watching you with the little webcam built into my forehead, so I'll know when you're cheating, I'll know when you're awake, I'll know if you've been bad or good, so you better be good for goodness sake... wait, that's Santa Claus. I didn't know he had a webcam built into his forehead too.


As you can tell with the random nature of this blog post, I'm looking for wacky stuff. The less sense it makes, the better - and who better to ask than you guys? (Bam! Inyerface.)


I don't know where this will turn up, or if it will. But if it does, in a year or so, you'll have the satisfaction of knowing that you may have contributed in some small way. I'd love this to become viral and meme-worthy, and I feel confident in sliding this past my colleagues into a game, to bamboozle them.


Just remember - the brick is a lie.


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OK, a slight explanation for the brave yet confused souls who think I've gone off my rocker. "The cake is a lie" is a phrase from the video game Portal, which is excellent, by the way. The lyrics at the top of this post are a modified version of the song sung by GladOS at the end of the game. "I can has cheezburger" is from the Lolcats site. "All Your Base Are Belong To Us..." if you don't know that one, you're way too young to be talking to me.


Let the nonsense begin!


* Don't you just hate it when old folks try to be "hep"? Isn't it just... so embarrassing? Sheesh, have some dignity, you old fogey!


UPDATE: The nonsense doesn't have to be BIONICLE related. In fact, it shouldn't be related to BIONICLE characters or settings.


Recommended Comments

Earlobe is an odd thing. It is a shining path surrounded by large old men.


The panda finds you. It sees your pink evil lord. It digests your rainbow kidney.


Life is but a worm in metal armor. You do not eat it; you study its chivalrous ravioli pot.


And beyond the sun is the ultimate evil. The pizza man beholds it. It has the nose-flute. And the cheese-men are its aunts.



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I've got a jar of dirt.


I am the cheese I am the most important character on the show I am more important then the bologna and the salami combined.


It’s a moo moo.


I shall call you Squishy and you shall be my Squishy and I shall wuv and care for you like my Squishy.


Just because I have a spaceship doesn't mean I'm rich.


Where's my paycheck?


The Monster on LOST is Makuta.


Don't mistake creativity for nuclear weapons.


the people who hate me are people I never liked in the first place


It's an internet name no one knows how to pronounce it.


Secret message #6: Bionicle Rex likes cheese.


Alright who fired the tickle spinner?


He's dead Jim.


In Soviet Russia, you do not Free the Band, the band frees you.


Anyone who thinks that BIONICLE makes people violent should be stabbed with Tahu's firesword!


Possession by a Makuta making your eyes red? There's a VISINE for that.


The first rule of Arena Magna is... you do not talk about Arena Magna.

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da cheez iz in da howse


If it looks like a lemming, smells like a lemming, and jumps off a cliff like a lemming, then it's probably a dead lemming.


Yo lolcats, imma let you finish, but this is the best meme of all time.

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The leap of the whale up the fall of Niagra is esteemed by all who have seen it to be one of the finest spectacles in nature.


Hawaii owns your face!


The border patrol pandas! NOOOOOO! The pandas!

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brakelatabasaasta feed me :wacko: or "Secret Stomache Meassage" from this. Ooh, or "lesson #486."


Or if you decide to do a BIONICLE-related one after all- I like the "Vezon wuz heer" idea VakamaTK came up with. Vezon's just too awesome to not be a meme.


Or if those are no good, "BOOM BABY BOOM!!" or "Master the nugget- before it masters you."

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"The very definition of reality, and consequently life itself, is approximately equal to the value of the epitome of infinity. Now do the math." :lol:

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This thing requires a mention purely on account of that awesome Still Alive modification.


This is the reason why I always refer to you as "Meister Bink". :bowdown:



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This is probably a little late, but...I have a rather famous meme that I like to use, known by people such as Omega Blademan and Black Terror.


Essentially, if someone does something ridiculous, or something that doesn't make sense, I just blurt out, "what is this i dont even," and then I walk off. In some topics, I'll occassionally post something like that if the topic doesn't make sense.



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"Oh, hai thar. I herd u liek mudkipz so I put a mudkip in ur mudkip.......but I eated it."

Okay, this is actually a combination of memes, but still, I like it. Not sure about you all, though.

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