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Back From The Dells

Mysterious Minifig


I spent from Thursday Morning until Sunday Morning in the Wisconsin Dells. For those of you who are curious I was at the Wilderness Resort.


So we got there Thursday night and we went to the Klondike Kavern. We went on the Hurricane ride a few times. Since it was Thursday night there was no lines. We also went to the two other water park area's Wild West, which has the Black Hole, and Wild Water Dome, which has a huge wave pool, over the rest of our trip.


Our room was right outside one of the Arcades so my brothers spent all the money they brought there.


On Saturday morning my family did go-carts and mini golfing. When did go-carts I stuck with my brother for most of the run but like second to last lap I went to pass him. I ended up cutting him off though. The way the track was laid out it was either going to be him or me who cut off since I went for the pass. We ended up with a mini collision.


And that was my vacation.


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