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There have been a couple of reorganizations at work, fairly major ones. I'll be working on the same projects I'm currently on, but will do it from another department. I'm looking forward to this, since I get to continue working with people I really like. My boss will be in a different part of the organization, and I'll miss working with him a lot - he's been a great boss. But the future looks bright too.


This doesn't affect plans already in place for BIONICLE, so don't worry about that. We're continuing down the path that's been mapped out, as usual.


This is my first big reorg at LEGO, I'm looking forward to seeing how it all turns out. Probably pretty well, from what I understand in the past, and almost certainly better than reorgs at previous jobs I've had. And much better than what Dilbert's gone through.




So, no need to worry, just wanted to share that little bit of corporate news. And to reiterate - I can't talk about 2010 yet. This has nothing to do with any rumors you may have heard here or on other sites. Deep breath... deep breath. Exhale. Good. Smile.




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Wait, so after planned website things are live, will you still work on Web Department?

Yes, I'll be doing the same job on all product lines I'm responsible for, for the foreseeable future - like I said earlier, I have a roadmap for web stuff for the next two and a half years.

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But 2010 is in almost three months. Its not like we have anything else to talk about... like the current story or sets...



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I would say or four, but the ominous mood Bink appears to have--especially the words "foreseeable future"--make me think there may be truth to Bionicle ending.


And without Bionicle, Bink, you're just not worth moving to Denmark. No offense Bink.

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Need an assistant? ^_^


How Bout' two? :P


Or three? :biggrin:

Um... Four?


At least you will be staying! :)




make me think there may be truth to Bionicle ending.

There is always a chance BIONICLE will end. It all depends on sales. Currently, sales are doing smoothly, and BIONICLE is continuing for at least another year. But they can't predict very far ahead where sales will be, and can't really know how long BIONICLE lasts.

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This might have made me a bit worried about the whole "2010 is the end" rumor if you hadn't said in your August 23rd entry that you're working on 2011. ;)


Also here's hoping your new boss will be decent.





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