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*glare* *envy* *covetousness*


No sin here, although I wish I was you right then. Exept with HAIR. :o






*evilglare* ....Im watching u.....lol "Thats a Joke"....

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Funny, I thought this was going to be about the Bionicle Stars sets, but I guess that was silly, because you've already said you can't talk about them. Oh well, this is still cool as well - although she looks a lot different in that picture than in the music videos. :P

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I wanna get my picture taken with Kelly too!





Anyway, awesome photo Bink. Kinda jealous, but oh well. -Swert

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Binky, is stinky! I love the band's music, and love meeting people that create things I love. Wait a minute...That means I would love to meet you, since you do design Bionicle.com



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Lore, the lead singer of Cryoshell.


Lucky Bink...


who is this Cryoshell


Oh that's right, it's the band that put scaryscary rap in the Barraki song. :fear:



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Creeps from the deep's gonna be freaking up your mind

Creeps from the deeps' gonna be feeding off the spine


\m/ ^o^


I'd like to meet Mikkel Maltha, myself. His classical piano piece "TCP/IP" was pretty darn sweet. Anyone wants a link to it, PM me.


Of course, meeting Christine would be just as cool. :D



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