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Strong Silent Type



except way totally the reverse, despite my efforts. Of course, trying to pull it off in a dialogue-heavy game may not have been the best of ideas, but yeah(third playthrough in a week).


am I the only person who doesn't hate the Mako? sure, it's like trying to use the stunted offspring of a jackrabbit and a mountaingoat as a horse. but it's fuuuuuuuun.




I wish I was the one building this:




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For a second there I thought you were talking about ODST, then I remembered you don't have a 360 and I was like waaht


I thought the Mako was fun, too, but some of those mountain ranges drove me nuts, and I was trying to get 100% completion on the game, so literally explored every inch of every planet and it took like freaking forever and by the end I was sick of the Mako.



Edit: also that Halo is awesome.

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tank shooooooooooock


e@bunda: tbh I didn't have a lot of trouble with mountain ranges, it's the durn turret having very little vertical traverse that bugged me.


best part of mountain climbing was my accidental 3x forward flip


E: also my computer apparently shouldn't be able to run the game but it does.

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