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Reasons To Volunteer



This Shakespearean sonnet is another excerpt from my commonplace book:


The V.F.D., we are a noble group

Concerned with many villainous affairs.

The misery, it threw us for a loop;

We mostly volunteer because we're scared.


Our mission is as righteous as the day---

To rid the world of destructive fire.

If arsonists and villains get their way,

Then chances are we never will retire.


Of secrets we would like to keep a few;

Much agonizing truth we must restrain,

And many we shall even keep from you

Until the world is quiet once again.


The villainy of man is what we fear,

And that, my friend, is why we volunteer.


Check back for more posts and content blocks extracted from my commonplace book.


Recommended Comments

Is anything ever certain? No. Can we assume the most likely and well-supported theories to be near-certain? Yes. Therefore, when Quigley theorizes in Book the Tenth that he believes V.F.D.'s meaning to be Volunteer Fire Department, we can use that and Mr. Snicket's allusions to a Volunteer Fire Department in later books as evidence towards the true meaning of V.F.D. Also, given the fact that the pages of the Quagmire notebooks featured in Book the Seventh read Volunteer Fire Department, it is almost undeniable that either V.F.D.'s true meaning is such a phrase, or that every noble person in the Baudelaires' lives has been decieved for quite some time.


Please tell me if this ought to be in spoiler tags.

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