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I'm Birthday! (again)



As many have reminded me these past few days, today marks the 25th anniversary of when I graced the world with my awesomeness! ;)


Took the day off work, and spent it relaxing. Picked myself up a copy of Foo Fighters' Greatest Hits, and saw The Men Who Stare At Goats.


But the bigger part of the afternoon (while I was waiting for friends to get off work), was spent rocking out with that new LEGO Rock Band game. Maybe you've heard of it? I'm a huge RB fan, and also love the LEGO franchise games (favorite thus far being the Star Wars titles). So I owed it to myself to pick this one up. Aside from the traditional Rock Band game play, there's a LOT of charm in here that comes from the LEGO name.


While each member of your band (including entourage and road crew) has a default appearance, you are allowed to customize these characters using a wide variety of traditional LEGO parts. This ranges from more standard clothing to various costumes (I recently unlocked Frakenstein and the Wolfman). On top of that, the setlist is top notch for what is considered to be a "side project" comparred to the usual Rock Band title.


If you are a fan of Rock Band (of Guitar Hero) I recommend at least renting this. If only because you can rock out to the Ghostbuster's theme (yes, THAT song) in this game. C'mon, you owe it to your inner child! ;)


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Happy birthday!


As for LRB, it looks fun. And I noticed how much of the playlist I'd enjoy playing to, as opposed to only caring for a few songs on another RB I played.



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It should also be noted that Bionicle gets name dropped in one of the loading screen facts. I think it's something like "More Bionicle figures have been sold than there are people in France and the UK"


Does that sound right?

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