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Game Teaser Image




Development on the BIONICLE web game is coming along nicely. Thought you guys would like a screenshot of what it'll look like. Plans are to release it in late January or early February.


It's a tower defense style game, where you place your defenders to protect your Agori from baddies. The game is still in development but the graphics are looking great.




There will be multiple levels, this is just one.



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Hmm... This looks nicely put together, but sounds boring compared to this year's games. I don't like how its set from up above either.


In other words, I hope its better than it looks and sounds. I hope its gonna be fun and epic, like this years games.


I do appreciate all your hard work, though. ;)

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Ooh looking forward to this. I just hope it'll be good (like Desktop Tower Defense, or Protector, or Bloons TD, or Gemcraft) rather than bad (Facebook TDs...). (Notice how many more good examples there are than bad ones.) This will be awesome!

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Appears to be Strakk, Stars Gresh, and Stars Tahu. (With two fireswords?) And I actually really like the borders of the screen, LOL. It looks a lot like a Spongebob game I played one time...

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Looks like fun. The graphics remind me of VNOG, of course smaller. Wonder who those characters are... :rolleyes:

I am pleased to hear that next year will feature Rahkshi, though. Does this mean that the Matoran Universe and Bara Magna are going to collide? Hope so.



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I like how it's incorporated the BIONICLE pieces in the border like it did for the Mistika game last year, indicating the same thoughts of the company. And I love tower defence games, this'd be cool.



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stars gresh and tahu and strakk against stars rakshi.


to be honest i am getting nervous thinking about the stars may be the only canister sets for the winter.

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