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Catching Up

Tifosi 92


Finally decided to put aside some time for BZP and end the pseudo-hiatus that I've had going for the last week or so. Went on a total posting spree in GD to make up for lost time, as well as caught up on all the hubbub regarding psionics and the end of Bionicle sets. I don't really think I missed much, quite honestly. :P In addition to that, I've managed to catch up (I think?) on reviews for the most part (Check your HB Glats topic LK!), although I know there are still one or two things I missed (a review for your SSAO story is due soon, Velox ;)). There are still some stories that I'm obliged to read, and a number of writing edits that I'll hopefully be able to make in the coming weeks, but I've finally gotten the ball rolling towards making progress on this stuff. I'm stopped at 1499 posts for a reason, as well. :evilgrin:


How's everyone doing?


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Don't feel pressured to review it at all; it sucked. I will however tell you that I've written a much, much better short story [about the same character, in his proper form] which will be posted probably in a week or two. I'd much rather receive a review for that than my SSAO story. But if you want to, go right ahead. =P


Oh and I'm doing well -- finals this week, so I won't be on much, but other than that, good.



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Good. Writing my brains off, if anything, as I'm trying to write a new story and idea. Seems as though I'm always having ideas and writing until all my old ideas get to the bottom of the pile, sadly.


I guess you still need to catch up on stuff, and one thing that I'll bug you about until next year. :P


And Toa Velox, I think I'll read your SS for the heck of it. =P

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And Toa Velox, I think I'll read your SS for the heck of it. =P


I'd much more recommend Solus or Tahu in the Rain [both linked in your bro's content block], as if you read Whispers [my SSAO Entry] you may not want to read anything else from me. =P But I still don't mind if you do; just saying that it's not nearly as good as those other two I mentioned.


On that note, let me know when you have something up as well, and I'll be happy to review it if you'd like.



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Oddly enough, I've already read Tahu in the Rain. I would have to say that that was an awesome story. ;) I haven't read Solus, though, and I might want to look at Whispers, also.


Alright. I write short stories, and I'll be glad if you give me a review if I put one up. :) The only thing I've been writing lately is my ideas for epics, when originally I was on a short story writing spree. =P

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