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Farshtey Feed (p236-244)



Saturday, December 19, 2009

It's been a busy three weeks.

• Mata Nui was constructed standing upright, and there are hatches throughout the body so that workers and the Great Beings and their creations could get in and out.
• The Glatorian-species members near Mata Nui's consciousness who died during the Great Cataclysm were intended to be pilots for the system to ensure it functioned properly continuously. "They were there in case something went wrong. If there was damage to Mata Nui's systems, there would need to be a manual takeover. Unfortunately, the damage was so pervasive and so fast that they couldn't stop its progression and they died in the crash." They were kept in suspended animation for most of the trip, which is why they were able to survive off limited supplies.
• "MN is a giant robot, and the islands, continents, etc. are his organs. The Matoran and the rest are nanotech there to make him run efficiently. Their AI is such that they developed an emotional life and a programming glitch altered their sense of what they were and where they were, so that they remembered Mata Nui as a Great Spirit to be honored and not a robot they were inside of."


• Psionics is an element in the Matoran universe. Matoran, Toa, and Turaga of the element are female.
• Element of Psionics:
Colors: Blue and gold
Gender: Female
Prefix: Ce - (pronounced "say")
Matoran Ability: Unable to be mind-controlled or read telepathically -- by studying them, Helryx learned how to shield the minds of the OOMN members from telepathy.
Powers: A Toa of Psionics has the following powers:
* Telepathy
* Telekinesis
* Ability to do a damage-dealing mind blast (mental damage only, not physical)
* Limited mind control (cannot make someone do something that is against their pre-existing moral code)
* Creation of illusions -- so lifelike they can be experienced by all five senses, but cannot fool techological systems
* Ability to mentally mask her presence from bio-mechanical or organic life, but not from technological systems
• There is at least one Toa of Psionics still alive.
• The color motif associated with the elemental power of Lightning is blue and white.
• None of the Bohrok summoned by Krakua at the end of Destiny War survived Teridax's takeover.
• The spirits of Toa Kaita are formed by the joining of the Toa's spirits and so do not exist when the Toa are not joined.
• The members of Lesovikk's Toa team did not all originate from the same island.
• While Vanisher can travel through inter-dimensional space to transport himself from on place to another within his own universe, he cannot actually travel to another dimension and stay there.
• The Av-Matoran who recovered from light drain likely have not had their mutations repaired yet, but they have rid themselves of the masks the Makuta provided them.
• The Matoran refugees from Karzahni have been rebuilt and repaired of their injuries or faults. Some have already departed Metru Nui.
• The Kanohi Tryna's power only works on beings of the Matoran universe.
• A Matoran's occupation on Metru Nui was generally chosen for him or her.
• Teridax left Aqua Magna as soon as he felt any internal rebellions were under control.

• The title of the 2010 novel is Journey's End. The first two comics of 2010 coincide with this novel plot-wise.
• The first comic of 2010 is entitled "Journey's End, Part 1: All That Glitters…" and the second is entitled "Journey's End, Part 2: Rebirth."
• The Skrall do not have shadow powers.
• The golden armor was created by the Great Beings. It is not adaptive.
• All of the pieces of Tahu's golden armor are on Bara Magna, and the armor's power only works when fully assembled.
• The main story of 2010 does not go inside of the Mata Nui robot for the first half of the year.
• The prototype robot is 27 million feet tall.

• Bara Magna has a seasonal climate.
• Following the battle at Roxtus, Tuma was imprisoned, but in the confusion afterward, he escaped and is now wandering the desert.
• Stronius's band of Skrall is only a few dozen strong. This group includes Rock Agori.
• The large tablet bearing the Scarabax symbol seen behind Mata Nui and Ackar in Challenge of Mata Nui was most likely made by Agori.
• Previously unemployed Glatorian have probably joined the mega-village.
• Kiina acts as Ackar's deputy.

• The body of a Glatorian with elemental powers, being mostly organic as opposed to that of a Toa's, would not survive the stress of creating a nova blast.
• Gresh won matches in the Great Tournament, but never won the Tournament itself.
• Malum's old sword looked like Ackar's.
• Greg would say there are less than 100 Glatorian on Bara Magna.

• The Mata Nui prototype malfunctioned and blew up on account of its unstable power core, the core which was stabilized in the second Mata Nui construct with energized protodermis.
• The plague tribe's element is Iron. Telluris and Sahmad are orange because they are not wearing their original armor.
• Mata Nui has not yet reunited Spherus Magna; his current body does not have the sufficient power alone to accomplish it.
• The "two that must make them one" refers to Mata Nui and Teridax.


Recommended Comments

Well. All Mysteries Gone


2 that must make them one = Mata Nui and Teridax


Ok Well Bionicle May now end in peace. Great Comic, good answers from greg on the Randomly/Conviently placed door with rahkshi pooring out being chased by takanuva



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