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Return Of The King

Tifosi 92


No, this isn't a LotR-related entry (Gotcha LK (you too, Velox) :P), but something I think is a bit more important:


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Michael Schumacher will return to Formula 1 in 2010, after Mercedes GP confirmed on Wednesday that the seven-time world champion is joining its team next year.


The German, who will turn 41 in January, has been linked with the outfit ever since Mercedes-Benz took over Brawn GP. He finally concluded a three-year deal to make a sensational F1 return on Tuesday evening.


"The motivation I think is pretty straightforward," Schumacher said. "The call I got from Ross at the end of November concerning the chance to go racing, Mercedes being involved, I felt great.


"I never left the race track. I was tired of F1 by the end of 2006, but in three years of absence I got back all the energy that I am feeling right now. I played around with motorbikes and I feel ready for some serious stuff now."


Schumacher originally retired from F1 at the end of 2006, and he had appeared fully content to be away from the pressures and strains of racing in motor sport's top category.


He maintained links with F1 through an ambassadorial role with Ferrari, and his on-track activities revolved around outings in a kart and a move to motorcycle racing.


However, last season Schumacher agreed to a comeback as a temporary stand-in for the injured Felipe Massa at Ferrari. Despite training hard for the return, however, Schumacher's plans had to be called off due to a neck injury that he had sustained in a motorcycle crash earlier this year.


"It is obviously a topic that I understand is questioned, and I want to understand," Schumacher said when asked about his neck. "Before I gave a final okay I made sure that I was sure myself, and I can say 100 per cent the neck is no further issue.


"Unfortunately it was too close to the accident in the summer when I tried for Ferrari, but the time now is enough to have healed completely. I can do everything I used to do, and no problem."


The events of the summer appeared to have rekindled his enthusiasm for F1 and when Brawn GP failed to conclude a deal with world champion Jenson Button for 2010, Schumacher was instantly installed as the favourite to replace him.


The deal could not be concluded until Schumacher's neck was given the all-clear by doctors but once that happened, talks advanced quickly to seal the deal.


Schumacher's move to Mercedes GP marks a reunion between himself and the German car maker that helped push him into F1.


He raced for Mercedes-Benz as part of its junior driver programme, competing in world sportscar events during 1990 and 1991.


Schumacher's decision means that Mercedes GP will field an all-German driver line-up in 2010, having already confirmed several weeks ago that Nico Rosberg will race for it.


Simply amazing. My interest in F1 has been multiplied ten times compared to what it was at the end of last year. If you weren't watching F1 before, now is the absolute best time to start. Can't wait for the first race of the season! :D


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Darn; I was expecting a LotR entry.


And since I am completely clueless when it comes to Formula 1 racing... I have nothing else to say. =P



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Darn; I was expecting a LotR entry.


And since I am completely clueless when it comes to Formula 1 racing... I have nothing else to say. =P




Hm, maybe I ought to edit the entry a bit. :P


Well, it basically means that the most successful driver ever to have competed in Formula One has decided to return to the sport after a three year absence. Schumacher holds virtually every record there is in F1--so many, in fact, that to me it sometimes seems like they have to make up records for him to beat (longest time between first and most recent victories, for example). If you've got any methods of watching a race next year, by all means, do it. :P

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Yeah it’s great news for all F1 fans that we will have 4 WCs on the track.

It will be interesting to see how he matches up against drivers like Vettel, Kobayashi and Hamilton.


In fact here are some do's and don'ts for MS




Don't park your car in the middle of the circuit to stop qualifying.

Don't expect any red car to pull over automatically.

Don't ram other drivers off the track.




Do race your team mate on equal terms.

Do race like we know you can.

Do relax a little and maybe, just maybe,you might enhance your reputation as a driver and a sportsman!




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Man, Schumacher, Alonso, Hamilton and Button all going head to head! Just wish Raikkonen had a way to stay in the sport so the on track champion count would rise to 5. The last time that happened was a long, long time before my birth, somewhere in the early 80's I believe!


As another sub plot, it also adds something.


McLaren-British team

Jenson Button-British driver

Lewis Hamilton-British driver


Mercedes-German team

Michael Schumacher-German driver

Nico Rosberg-German driver


So pick your side! That will surely add fireworks! I know which side I'm on of course. The German side, despite being British! Of course, I'll still be supporting Ferrari too!


2010 should be amazing!

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