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I am currently facing a dilemma. I became a one-year Premier Member on BZP in early January of this year. That means my membership is almost used up. The dilemma I face is whether to continue being a Premier Member and keep up with this blog. This is all tied into the greater question of what to do with myself in terms of Bionicle and Lego. You see, unlike many here, I was not a big Lego fan prior to my interest obsession with Bionicle. The end of the Bionicle line has presented me with the difficult question of whether to keep my collection, continue being a BZP member, and the like, or sever myself from the entire thing, sell my collection, leave this blog forever, and find a new hobby (or focus more on schoolwork).


I think the answer to all of this lies in the as-yet unrevealed Lego line to be revealed this summer. If I like it, I will probably continue with it in place of Bionicle, as it is to be compatible piece-wise with Bionicle sets. If not, then I may wind up selling my collection in pieces or as a whole for cash and finding a new hobby or, as I said above, just saving it for future needs and focusing more on my schoolwork.


Please post your thoughts, ideas, opinions on this matter in the comments section.


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It will certainly be sad if you do choose to leave Bzpower and Bionicle, but I'll respect your decision regardless of what you choose to do. My own involvement on this site also hinges on the '10 replacement line.

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