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B Z P R P G Characters (?)




After some encouragement and guidance, I have created these characters for the BZPRPG. Before I made them official, I wanted to post them here to see what people thought of them and possibly improve them. To that end, if you see a flaw in either profile, or a point that could be improved upon, or just like the characters, post it here.


Name: Arel

Gender: Male

Alignment: Lawful-Neutral

Appearance: Arel is a tall humanoid. He sports formfitting blue and Keetorange body armor, with black gloves and boots.

Weapon(s): Arel wields no extra weapons.

Power(s): Arel possesses two primary powers. The first is very offensive and very dangerous: explosive laser bolts. These take the form of thin red beams Arel is capable of emitting from his palms. They explode on contact with the first thing they hit. Arel can control the radius of the blast to a degree, an ability he can develop over time. Arel's second power is the ability to enter a ghostlike state similar to the late Makuta Krika's low-density form. While in this 'ghost form,' Arel appears to be semitransparent and can jump very high, though he is still affected by gravity. This is often mistaken for flying. He can also pass through solid objects. However, while in his ghost state, Arel cannot physically interact with his environment or launch laser bolts. Arel can switch between his ghost state and physical form at will, though repeated flipping between forms in a short period of time may tire him. In addition to these primary powers, Arel is a reasonably skilled martial artist and strategist.

Biography: Arel's past runs similarly to Axonn's. After training on his home island, he became a wandering mercenary, honing his skills and taking on offered jobs for pay. In his past, Arel was not discriminatory about the types of jobs he took, and often committed crimes for pay. Arel's mercenary career ended when the Shadowed One, not one to share the market, offered Arel a place with the Dark Hunters. When Arel refused, the Shadowed One sent out Silence to eliminate him. Anticipating the Shadowed One's move, Arel spent time around a protodermis foundry until Silencer found him. After a short battle, Arel faked his own death by allowing himself to be tossed into a vat of molten protodermis, switching to ghost mode just before being incinerated. During the months he spent recuperating from the fierce battle and laying low so as not to alert the Shadowed One of his ploy, Arel rethought how he had spent his life. Discarding his past and his line of work, Arel became a wanderer.


Name: Naria

Gender: Female

Species: Toa

Alignment: Lawful-Good

Appearance: Naria's build is not much different from other Toa's. Blue and gold armor mark her as a Toa of Psionics. Her most distinctive feature is a golden tube running from the back of her head to her back. Its function is unknown except to Naria.

Weapon(s): A quartet of silver daggers.

Power(s): Naria is most skilled in the use of her psionic powers in telekinesis. When deeply engaged in battle, she often wields two of her knives in hand and attacks with the other two under control of her mind, a four-pronged attack that requires speed and focus to match. Naria's psionic abilities are enhanced by her Kanohi Raleigh, or Mask of Intuition. Similar to the way most beings are able to use their muscles by reflex - for example, automatically catching a thrown object - Naria's Kanohi Raleigh allows her to reflexively use her psionic powers to redirect threats or move objects. Her mask sometimes makes it seem like Naria's powers have a mind of their own.

Biography: Naria once belonged to a full team of six Toa. The island her team was assigned to was overrun by Visorak long ago. Her team fought valiantly to protect their island, but were unsuccessful. The majority of her team met its downfall at an ambush by the Visorak. Multiple Visorak injected each team member with their mutating venom. These multiple injections caused each Toa to mutate multiple times, ending unique, savage form. Naria, however, after undergoing several painful transformations, wound up in her original Toa form except for the odd tube connecting her head and back. The trauma of so many successive mutations took their toll on Naria's mind, causing two major effects. First, Naria's ability to use the full range of her psionic powers was limited, particularly illusions and mind blasts. (It did, however, seem to increase the potency of her telekinetic powers.) Second, it made her prone to freezing up at the sight of random objects that trigger the memory of her past.



Recommended Comments

These seem like very well detailed characters to me. Excellent work! This is incredible for a newcomer.

Thanks for the generous praise.


Typo in title, Atrum seems well-balanced and has an interesting story, Naria's powers are awesome.

Agh, you're good at this. A point to you.

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Neat characters Carraki.


There is already a Atrum though. ;)

Oh, dear. Thanks for catching that; it would have been unfortunate to find that mid-game.


...let's see...how about Arel?

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Neat characters Carraki.


There is already a Atrum though. ;)

Oh, dear. Thanks for catching that; it would have been unfortunate to find that mid-game.


...let's see...how about Arel?


Arel sounds fine. :)

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