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Weekly Update - 1/1

Black Six




Another holiday, and another Weekly Update. It's been a quick week with the holidays, but stuff's still been going on.



Another review went up this week, this time it was the Rahkshi, looked at by Shannara. Not many sets left, unfortunately. But keep checking for more.


Speaking of 2010 sets, we posted a reminder about our Leaked Image Policy. To make sure it's clear, this applies to all LEGO 2010 Summer sets. You cannot post pictures, link to pictures, or discuss pictures (or things you've seen in pictures). If you do, bad things may very well happen. Toy Fair will be here before you know it, and we'll get to see official announcements.


Finally, to wrap up the year, we posted the next episode of the BZPowercast. It was good to get a bunch of members on the show and have them share their thoughts. We looked back at 2009 too, and looked forward a little to 2010. It's going to be an interesting year.



Of course I do.


Want to see your questions answered? PM them to me and put 'Mailbag' in the subject line. I'll pick the few I like the best and answer them in the next update.



Welcome to 2010 everyone! I look forward to spending it with you!



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did someone call my favourite trope


I'd crack some jokes, but Andrew would just get upset at me 'cause they'd be spoilers. But, you know. Jokes. Insert here.


You'll figure it out when you get around to watching the bloody things.

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Welcome to 2010 everyone! I look forward to spending it with you!

That's cause you don't have anything better to do! ZING!


*end forced joke*

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