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All My Obsessions

Taka Nuvia


weeeell, actually not all of them... but quite a handful. ^^


There you go.


Soo, from left to right, we have:

Takanuva, Kualus (the little thing down there), Takarion Avon (self-made character), me [no, NOT an obsession of mine, but I wanted it to be like some kind of family portrait, so I had to include an idealized self-pic], a smiling borg, the Starship Enterprise, Leander Milan (I made her up sometime ago, and she won't seem to leave me), aaand, last but not least, Taka Nuvia ^_^


Again, not a really serious piece of art... hope you enjoy, though.


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Again, not a really serious piece of art...


That´s seriously one of the most serious unseriousities I´ve ever seen.


All these are very beatifully made, but most of all, it shows you. No other person would have been able to draw any of these things in exactly the same style as the others. Since you take interest in all these, you find it natural to add your own style onto portrayals of them, I guess. That´s why different things suddenly fits together. Or perhaps not, but that´s just my guess.


One thing being certain, though, is that they do all fit together. Surprisingly well. :)


This also seems to need colours... as though it´s not made to only be a sketch. Am I completely wrong here?


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Including Kualus = Awesome


Art doesn't have to be 'serious' to be good... cause' I definitely like this. The 'family portrait' idea was pretty cool; it's neat how you blended all your different characters (both imaginary and real) into one picture.


But anyways... great work, as always. ^^

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lol Suuuuuure you aren't obsessed with yourself. :P

Anyway, 'tis cool to put 'em all together like this, and nice work on the art too! :D


-Jordboy1 :miru:

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