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"mini Talk"

Taka Nuvia


... so today I got to school, and the first thing I got asked was, "Have you prepared for your mini talk? Or have you already had it?". (A mini talk is a small presentation in semi-formal style. 't least that's what our teacher told us)


Of course I had not been prepared. But I knew what topic I'd talk about ("My weaknesses and strenghts").


It all went well, I had a small sheet of paper with 5 words and talked more or less freely.


Now, I just wish I knew what I specifically talked about, but my memory's completely blank. O.o

And of course, whether I talked more like an Austrian student who's been learning English for a few years or more like a native speaker of English. :rolleyes:


EDIT: Scan of the 'notes' I used will be added on monday - I forgot them at school ><


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Hey well, you're better than a lot of people I'm sure when it comes to a second language...not enough people realize how important that stuff is.

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Wow. Great improvisation. Personally, I´d have panicked in such case. :)

I suppose you found it easier to come up with additions and opinions to the subject in english than you would have in german? It´s my experience that second languages makes better space for thoughts to appear.


And if you speak english as well as you write it, I´d have believed you were natively english-speaking.



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