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Farshtey Feed (p250-253)



Friday, January 8, 2009

• The mega-village on Bara Magna consists of dwellings that were being sheltered, not housed, by the construct Mata Nui has now usurped. The Agori vacated the robot before Mata Nui took control.
• Although the Golden Armor would function on any Toa Mata, it was always designated for Tahu's use.
• Tahu's new firesword is still his adaptive weapon.


• Nektann is considered a Piraka insofar as that is what other Skakdi now think of him for siding with Makuta.
• Takanuva ditched his power lance and Midak skyblaster for his new equipment.
• The prototype robot does not run on the same power level as the Matoran universe.

• It is doubtful that the Great Beings would have made the third robot larger than the Matoran universe.
• No Great Beings died in the Shattering.
• Greg postulates that all of the Great Beings are of the same species.

• Q: In The Legend Reborn movie, Mata Nui defeats Tuma by striking his back wound multiple times, whereas in the book Mata Nui uses Tuma's bulk against him. Which one is correct? A: Both are. If Mata Nui does not outmaneuver Tuma, he never gets a shot at his back.
• The Ignika is no longer cracked.

• The fact that the Skrall are the more populous on Bara Magna than all of the other Glatorian tribes simply pertains to how many individuals were incidentally caught on Bara Magna at the time of the Shattering.
• Kanohi powers are just as effective on the denizens of Bara Magna as in the Matoran universe.
• The Sisters of the Skrall split off from the Skrall tribe prior to the Core War.

• Artakha's Mask of Creation does in fact exist, and it is a Legendary Kanohi on par with the Masks of Time and Life. Were the Mask of Creation destroyed, the Matoran universe would lose the capability to create anything new. Like the Ignika and Vahi, the Mask of Creation is vastly more difficult to control than typical Kanohi and requires the same level of expertise in its use. "For example, one has to learn to control the mask so that it does not create things you think about subconsciously, or else things you dream of might get made, and you might not want that." After so much history using the Mask of Creation, Greg doubts that Artakha has much trouble at all in using it.
• On the Mask of Creation's power: "It can work one of two ways. If you want to create something, but aren't sure how, it can provide what amounts to instructions. If you know how to make what you want, it can make it for you." It can create things out of thin air in this respect. The mask however cannot create living things.
• Artakha is probably 9 or 10 feet tall.
• Helryx's teleportation in Reign of Shadows #9 was Artakha's doing.
• The events of Reign of Shadows #9 take place before Teridax lands on Bara Magna at the end of the January comic.
• The mental shielding of the Order of Mata Nui's agents was designed to withstand intrusion by Makuta.
• The dead Ba-Matoran village Mazeka encountered was called Ba-Koro.
• The Nui Stone does not drain the latent Toa power in Matoran who are destined to become Toa.

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