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Denizens Finals And Art Deadline



EMC updates:


1) Denizens final polls for Description and MOC categories are now up. :) All shalt voteth betwixt now and yonder deadline of January 25th!


2) Multiverse art blog contest deadline is in four days. Anybody need an extension of a week or two? One person has said so, but I probably won't extend it unless more than one person need it. It's been three months after all.


3) No real news about Tyrants except that there are already a lot of great entries in both categories. Keep 'em comin!


4) Someone asked me when we plan to make the S&T poll forum. I went ahead and used the current one for the Denizens finals since the other polls for that contest were in there. So not now. :P Depending on B6's schedule, I plan to do that for the KJ bird contest polls. So, early February ish.


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An extension would be nice. I am trying to put together a Team picture of Team Cipher, and its taking a bit of work.

If you could extend it for about one more week, that would be nice.


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Doesn't have to be in color, no.


Well, since two of you mentioned the Team pic, and that's the main one I was hoping to see and haven't so far, you've convinced me. :) I'll extend at least a week, maybe two. Will announce the exact new deadline later; busy now.

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