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A Step Backwards?

Tifosi 92


So now that I am somewhat caught up on writing stuff, and finally did get a refreshing bit of inspiration earlier, why is it that I feel like I'm worse off than I was before? There are still some other ideas that I'd like to put into topics here on BZP eventually, and even though I want to work on them, I can't seem to get the drive to do it all of a sudden, even when I was ready to write just last night. Can't figure it out at all, and it's driving me nuts.


Oh, and does anyone have any idea why the views for my latest story topic doubled from 40 to 80 today even though I only viewed it four times?


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Perhaps writer's block? I don't know why that happened all of a sudden, but I'm sure it is writer's block. But when it comes to views, not entirely sure why.
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Don't worry about the writing-thing. That's happened to me before, too [several times].


Like Whispers. I thought it sucked and that I lost a bunch of skill. But, soon afterward, I wrote Ruthless [sucky name, but oh well], which I love.


It's just something every writer goes through -- writer's block, as Peach said. Just, even if you're writing trash, just keep writing. The more you write, the more you'll be inspired.



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