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Farshtey Feed (p253-257)



Sunday, January 17, 2010


• Despite the scroll's explication that the volcanic chain of Artidax be quelled by the Toa Nuva, the Order of Mata Nui caused the volcano on the island to erupt and kill the Visorak hordes because the Order deemed the Visorak a clear and present danger. [source]
• Tren Krom can use Lewa Nuva's mask power. [source]
• Teridax has no intention of destroying the Great Temple because it poses no threat to him, and may be needed for the efficient operation of Metru Nui, which is after all his brain now. [source]


• Helryx would probably have something close to a Toa Mata build in terms of appearance. [source]
• Alternate Teridax does not have all the same Rahkshi powers as Makuta in the Matoran universe. Greg says that most likely some of his powers would be similar and some would be different. He still possesses shapeshifting and telepathy. [source]
• Any Kraata that alternate Teridax would create would be quite different from the ones in the Matoran universe, since they would not be corrupt. [source]
• Alternate Teridax carries a warhammer. [source]

• Artakha's purpose in the Matoran universe was to create and invent; Karzahni's was to repair things that were broken. [source]
• The contest between Artakha and Karzahni over the Mask of Creation was also over the right to the occupation Artakha took as creator and inventor. [source]
• On why the Great Beings made only one Mask of Creation for Artakha and Karzahni to compete for: "Maybe they didn't feel that two were needed. You know, any artist will tell you it is easier to work on your own than to have to collaborate with someone and deal with their creative instincts which might not be the same as your own." [source]
• On whether Artakha used the Mask of Creation to create Kanohi masks of power: "I tend to think not. You certainly wouldn't need a schematic to make a mask, and while you possibly could make a powered mask out of thin air with the Mask of Creation, if I were Artakha, I wouldn't do that. I think, especially with powered masks, it's something you want to do with your own hands to make sure it comes out right." [source]
• It is unknown what method the Matoran of Artakha use to make Kanohi. [source]
• Greg tends to doubt that the Matoran of Karzahni made Kanohi masks. [source]
• Greg does not necessarily see the Ta-Matoran of Metru Nui as better mask-makers than the Matoran of Artakha. [source]
• The Nuva symbols were most likely created by Artakha. [source]

• Examples of the elemental power of Creation include creating inorganic objects out of thin air and providing (mentally) detailed schematics of a desired creation. [source]
• Greg is sure that the Mask of Creation was made before the Mask of Life, given how late in the process of Mata Nui's construction the Ignika was created. [source]
• On whether the Mask of Creation changes shape like the Ignika: "That actually is logical, but I have a different spin on it than what we did with Ignika." [source]
• Creation is not a Toa element. [source]
• Time, Life, and Creation are properly considered Legendary mask powers rather than elements. [source]
• The Great Beings are the only ones with the knowhow to create a Kanohi Olisi. [source]
• The Toa Hagah's Kanohi turn gray when removed, like normal Kanohi. [source]
• It would be a redundancy for a Makuta to use a Kanohi Iden, since a Makuta is already able to leave its physical shell. [source]
• The Kanohi Mahiki's illusions are optical in nature rather than mental like the Makuta's. [source]
• If a Toa Kaita's multi-powered Kanohi were removed from its face, it would remain a single mask only as long as the Toa Kaita remained merged. [source]

• On Vakama's tendency to receive visions: "Personally, I think it is a glitch in his AI." [source]
• It is possible that there are other teams of Turaga still working together like Vakama and his group. [source]
• When the Toa Metru discovered the island of Mata Nui, they were aware by the sky and the sunlight that they had journeyed outside of the Matoran universe. [source]
• When the Toa Mata combined their elemental powers against Makuta in 2001, they did not create a protodermis cage because they did not do so all at the same exact time. Timing must be precise for the creation of a protodermis cage. [source]
• On the state of the Toa Mahri's destiny: "It was to save his life, and although Matoro died doing it, they all contributed. Without them, he never gets the mask. And you only become a Turaga if you both fulfill your destiny AND choose to give up your Toa power. In the current situation, choosing to become Turaga would be foolish of them." [source]
• Toa power can only be deposited in inanimate objects like a Toa stone, not living beings. [source]

• It is possible for Mata Nui's camouflage system to form islands of different shapes. [source]
• Mata Nui's camouflage is on his head only, since the rest of his body is submerged when he is landed. [source]

• One would have to assume that the Kraawa on Metru Nui was recaptured at some point in the last thousand years. [source]
• The Makuta were meant to evolve into antidermis so that Teridax would be able to assume control of the Matoran universe robot body. [source]
• A version of a character in an alternate universe cannot travel into another one where their character is dead or otherwise incapable and take over its destiny in that universe. [source]
• A mind remains constant in terms of willpower regardless of which body it is in. [source]
• In terms of mental powers, Makuta has strong mental powers, but Mata Nui has stronger willpower, so Makuta would not be able to break his mind easily. Same with Tren Krom; he has very strong willpower, so Makuta would be taking a risk getting into a mental battle with him. [source]
• On whether Teridax has properly achieved his destiny by possessing Mata Nui's body: "No. Teridax's destiny was to use the MU while Mata Nui used the third robot the GBs were supposed to build. The prototype was a failed experiment that did not enter into the GB's plan. And the essence of destiny is that it is, as the word implies, a destination -- often, how you get there may vary, but what matters is that you get there." [source]

• The incapacity to create new things on Bara Magna is not the result of an artificial process like the destruction of the Mask of Creation in the Matoran universe; it is the result of the historical challenges Bara Magna's society has faced. [source]
• The sun-rock referenced in the name of the sun-rock dragon simply refers to a rock that gets bleached by the fact that the sun beats down on it all day. [source]
• The female Rock Agori are still living with the Rock tribe, since they do not have the powers of female Skrall and present no need for them to be exiled. [source]
• Greg supposes that the opinion of the Sisters of the Skrall toward non-Rock Tribe members with contempt same as those within the main tribe do. [source]
• Leader class Skrall led warriors in the field during the Core War. [source]

• The Ignika is inside the robot that Mata Nui is inhabiting, so it is not going to be making another body for itself. [source]
• The Toa Nuva can access their Suva while on Bara Magna. [source]
• Tahu, devolved into a Toa Mata, would no longer be able to form a Toa Kaita with the other Toa Nuva. [source]
• The Ignika will be able to evolve Tahu back into a Toa Nuva. [source]
• The golden armor has a very specific use, though this use is not specific to any particular situation or purpose. It does not enhance Tahu's fire ability. [source]
• Mata Nui enables the inhabitants of Bara Magna and the Matoran universe to communicate with each other. [source]

• Greg will likely describe Artakha's appearance in the next chapter of Reign of Shadows. [source]
• There are future chapters planned for Reign of Shadows, at least until the end of March. [source]
• Greg believes the first chapter of Journey's End will be released in mid-April. [source]
• On the new serial featuring a new Toa team: "What is holding that up is I cannot write a serial about six new Toa without six new names, so until I have an approved name list, I can't work on this." [source]
• Story serials are the only medium through which Greg plans to write for this year. [source]
• Greg thinks there may be a far-off, bird's eye view of the Great Beings to be shown later this year. [source]
• Voporak and the Vahi still have importance in the story. [source]
• Greg does not think that Takanuva's destiny will be fulfilled by the time the comics are over. [source]
• On whether Greg will be attending Comic-Con 2010: "No one has talked to me one way or the other yet. In prior years, BIONICLE always paid my travel and expenses for the con, which they would obviously have no reason to do in 2010. Club might want me to go, but my attitude is that I have been there six years in a row and someone else should get the chance to go who hasn't been yet. It's not going to "hurt my feelings" if I don't get to go this year, and frankly, since I am so associated with BIONICLE, it might confuse some kids if I am there and BIONICLE is not." [source]


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Some nice info this time around. I notice you've added source links for everything. That'll be a big help for the BS01ers. :)



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Kanohi turn gray when not being used?

Most of them. Masks such as the Avohkii, Vahi, Ignika, etc. retain their colour even when not being worn, but yes, your average Kanohi turns grey when not being worn.

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