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Farshtey Feed (p257-259)



Sunday, January 24, 2010

• On how Mata Nui made it possible for the inhabitants of the Matoran universe and Bara Magna to speak to each other: "Simple. Mata Nui had to be able to understand the languages of the planets he visited, which means he had to have something akin to a universal translator built in. Which also makes it logical that the prototype would have that as well." "[it's t]he equivalent of a universal translator. After all, MN had to be able to understand the languages of the people on the planets he visited." [source] [source]
• There were other types of Rahkshi that fought with the Glatorian that were not shown in the comic. [source]


• Although the Golden Armor is intended for use by a Toa Mata, other beings could wear it. [source]


• Sahmad has no idea who is responsible for his tribe's plague. He does not have the Great Beings in mind, since if he suspected it was the Great Beings, he probably would not be embarking on his quest, since he has no reason to believe there are any Great Beings on Bara Magna. [source]
• The Iron Tribe's original coloration was gray and dark blue. [source]
• The leader of the Iron Tribe was affected by the plague, but not until after a while. [source]
• Greg plans to wrap up the mini-serial Sahmad's Tale probably by the end of February or early March. [source]
• The plague that struck the Iron Tribe is called the dreaming plague. [source]
• No Iron Tribe Agori who became symptomatic are known to have survived the dreaming plague. [source]
• Only Agori of the Iron Tribe contracted the dreaming plague. Greg would not agree that this is because the pathogen affected only Iron Tribe Agori. It is possible for Glatorian or other species to contract the virus. [source]

• The Makuta of alternate Teridax's universe all have a telekinesis power, as illustrated when alternate Gorast used it on Vultraz. [source]
• Powers like darkness, fear, anger, etc. are powers that the alternate Makuta would not have. [source]
• Alternate Teridax has evolved into antidermis. [source]
• Tren Krom can summon Lewa Nuva's other Kanohi from his Suva. [source]
• After the Turaga met up with Krahka in the Archives in Reign of Shadows, Teridax's Rahkshi eventually found them and imprisoned them in the Coliseum. [source]
• The sundial that Lewa Nuva retrieved from Mata Nui is probably now lying in the rubble of Daxia. [source]
• On the possibility of evacuating the Matoran of Metru Nui to shut Teridax's mind down: "And Makuta is just going to stand around while you evacuate 1000 Matoran? He's not going to, like, teleport them all back again and again, or kill anyone trying to get them off the island in some agonizingly painful way? Also, it was the virus that put him to sleep. If all it took was getting rid of the MN Matoran, Makuta would not have needed the virus." [source]


• Prior to the Shattering Bota Magna was largely agrarian, not very high tech. [source]

• "Telluris is insane the way someone who has had to wander the desert for years is apt to be. He's not a criminal psychopath or an anarchist so much as he is just touched in the head." [source]
• The Sisters of the Skrall were still part of the Rock Tribe by the time of the Iron Tribe plague 103,000 years ago. [source]

• When the Great Beings first created Turaga, they created only one since only one was needed initially. They created more later. [source]
• Mata Nui's camouflage system always creates what resembles a barren rock island over his face, similar to how the island of Mata Nui looked after the Bohrok scoured it, under normal circumstances. [source]
• A user of a Mask of Mutation would have control over the mutations the mask power effected. [source]

• The universe in which the main story takes place is considered a sort of parent universe for all other parallel realities. [source]
• A being can have a destiny which involves traveling to an alternate dimension. [source]
• Balta, Dalu, Defilak, Kapura, Tanma, and Velika, who were transformed into Toa in the Kingdom of the Great Spirit's universe, do not necessarily have Toa power in the main universe. Greg certainly has no plans to make them Toa. [source]

• The sixth Bionicle movie would have taken place on Bota Magna and then culminated in a return to Bara Magna for the fight with Makuta. [source]
• Greg will possibly write more than two sets of serials this year. [source]
• Reign of Shadows will end in the Spring, at least until March. It is uncertain how many additional chapters there will be. [source] [source]
• On the structure of future story years: "I don't plan to build it around one big event, because if people don't like the big event, they won't want to read any of them. And I don't see it as a stall, because I don't expect BIONICLE back as a set line anytime soon, I see it as something we are doing for the fans." "Moving forward, yes, but not necessarily building toward one big epic climax. It's a different kind of story now." [source]
• The 2010 novel will not end until April. [source]
• Greg plans to use Graphic Novel #10, if it gets published, to elaborate on the power source Mata Nui retrieved from the Valley of the Maze. [source]


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