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Farshtey Feed (p265-270)



Sunday, February 14, 2010
Happy Valentine's Day!

• The shield Berix found in Tesara in The Legend Reborn is the ceremonial shield of Tesara. [source]
• There are probably less than a thousand Agori living in the mega-village and 300-400 Rock Agori living outside it. [source]


• Teridax released more than 50 Rahkshi on Bara Magna. [source]
• There is no more energized protodermis on Bara Magna, Aqua Magna, or Bota Magna. [source]

• Nektann's weapon is called a "crescent scythe." [source]
• Nektann's crescent scythe can access his water ability. [source]
• Given that Nektann is shown fighting with the Toa Mahri in Metru Nui in the artwork for the Mata Nui Saga, it can be assumed Teridax sent him to Metru Nui to harry his enemies but was repulsed and withdrew elsewhere. [source]

• Use of Midak and Cordak blasters is not common in the Matoran universe. [source]
• One would have to assume that the interior of the Matoran universe is lined with the same impassible layer of rock the Matoran on Mata Nui encountered when they tried to tunnel through. [source]
• The gate that once sealed Mangaia from Metru Nui was made of the same material as the Makuta's armor. [source]
• Noble masks of elemental powers give users Turaga-level control over an element. [source]
• Toa of Psionics are not enormously rare in the Matoran universe, though Toa of Gravity are pretty rare. Gravity is a pretty small tribe of Matoran to begin with, so their percentage of Toa is small. Greg does not see any of the other Matoran tribes as being particularly small. [source] [source] [source]
• The Dark Hunter Savage was originally a Toa of Earth. [source]
• Hardly any of the Makuta sided with Miserix when Teridax took command of the Brotherhood of Makuta -- exactly five sided with him. [source] [source]
• It is a good possibility that someone using a Kanohi Rode could see Jerbraz. [source]
• Artakha most likely arranged for the Toa on Jovan's team who received one of the two Kanohi Olmak to get it as opposed to giving it to him personally. [source]
• The adaptive armor possesses an onboard artificial intelligence that determines how it changes. [source]
• On Av-Matoran's evolution into Bohrok: "I see the transformation as being akin to a caterpillar becoming a butterfly. We have never said the Matoran's spirit leaves the Bohrok, simply that the Bohrok loses its identity as a Matoran because it no longer needs it. It is effectively repressed. So if you devolve the Bohrok, the identity is no longer repressed." [source]


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• Greg does not see the Great Beings as having any one leader, resembling more of a meeting of minds or council of equals. [source]
• Angonce is inside the Great Beings' fortress in the Valley of the Maze in the Prologue of Journey's End. [source] [source]

• Tobduk always had his rage ability. [source]
• Keetongu went his own way separately from Axonn and Brutaka. [source]
• The fact that Mazeka noted in Reign of Shadows #9 that the Ba-Matoran village had succumbed to the Visorak fighting implied that there were dead Visorak visible. [source]
• During the battle near the Matoran universe's consciousness in Reign of Shadows #9, Hafu and Kapura stayed well out of the way of the fighting. [source]
• Tren Krom's attempt to send a message to the Ignika was successful. [source]
• All of the characters immersed in energized protodermis at the end of Reign of Shadows #10 are destined to be transformed in it. [source]
• The adaptive armor should work in space. [source]
• It is possible that the adaptive armor could have a form suited to the environment of outer space. [source]
• Artakha's warhammer is really a crafting tool which can also be repurposed as a weapon. [source]

• A Thornax would hurt a Toa as long as it exploded or its spikes managed to get through a seam in the armor. [source]
• A Thornax could damage Rahkshi armor but would need to strike near the head in order to threaten the Kraata. [source]
• If the Ignika were to enter the Matoran universe again, it would most likely turn black, since Teridax is in control. [source]
• The Kahohi Kakama in Bionicle Chronicles #1 that Tahu burned a tree down to retrieve belonged to Tahu himself. [source]
• Only artificially created biomechanical beings are able to form fusions like the Toa Kaita. [source]
• Mata Nui did not kill Tuma because he follows the Toa code. [source]
• Chirox's reference to using Toa on Destral as raw material for Rahi experiments refers to the fate of some the Makuta's Toa Hagah. [source]
• Only Makuta have worn the Mask of Mutation. [source]
• The two islands located north of Odina are the pieces of Nocturn's broken homeland. [source]
• On whether energized protodermis could transform a destined Matoran into a Toa: "I would say no. It seems that what unlocks your inner Toa power is something that is invested with some kind of Toa power, like a Toa stone. I don't think EP could do it." [source]

• Greg has no plans to do a second story serial set in the Matoran universe. [source]


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