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Farshtey Feed (p270-274)



Saturday, February 20, 2010

• Takanuva's new weapons are called "twin light staffs." [source]
• Upon his devolution, Tahu's Nuva symbol continues to exist, simply becoming inactive. [source]


• A heat vision Rahksi's staff needs to remain intact for its power to work. [source]

• The Ignika communicated telepathically with Mata Nui to help him master control of the prototype robot. [source]
• Just before Mata Nui took over the prototype robot, Click left to stay with the other Glatorian. [source]

• No Visorak or Exo-Toa have been deployed on Bara Magna. [source]
• Berix's coin is made of exsidian mined from the White Quartz Mountains. [source]
• The chamber into which Mata Nui descended in Journey's End Chapter 1 was an antechamber to the Great Volcano. [source]
• The underground lab of the Great Beings in Tajun is the site where the Element Lords were given their power. [source]
• The snakes molded on Vastus's armor depict the Dune Snakes from which he extracts snake venom. [source]

• On why the Great Beings modified the Skopio: "The GBs do stuff like that. They are all about working with the raw material they have." [source]
• Angonce may well have worked on the Ignika project. [source]
• Heremus was indeed one of the Great Beings to which Mazeka and Vultraz were presented in the Melding universe. [source]
• All of the Great Beings worked on the construction of Mata Nui. [source]
• On Angonce's personality: "I see Angonce as a very moral person. I think he felt a great deal of responsibility for his creations and any harm they might do. He's the type who would feel he had to make up for things like that, and so was sort of the conscience of the GBs." [source]

• On what Toa of Magnetism can do that Toa of Iron cannot: "Quite a bit. For example, a Toa of Magnetism could use his power to allow himself to fly. A Toa of Iron cannot. A Toa of Magnetism can form a magnetic force barrier around himself that can repel physical attack, yet he can see through it and still move. A Toa of Iron could form a metal wall around himself to do the same thing, but he can't see through it, can't move with it up, and it can be melted. Etc., etc. Magnetism affects metal, but it is way different than a power of metal." [source]
• Ancient, Jerbraz, Tobduk, Johmak, and Trinuma were none of them Hand of Artakha members. [source]
• Greg would say there are easily 100,000 or more Matoran living in the Matoran universe. [source]
• Krekka's and Sidorak's species have female members. [source]
• The purpose behind the Great Beings' programming the Blade Burrowers to dig tunnels in the shape of the Three Virtues symbol was to remind Mata Nui of his mission. [source]
• Makuta have greater willpower than Toa and so their elemental power is probably stronger. [source]

• Keetongu is currently battling the resurgent Visorak. [source]
• Voporak has not yet devlivered the Vahi to the Shadowed One. [source]
• The Toa Hagah are currently with the resistance. [source]
• Alternate Teridax cannot use a shadow hand ability nor a light hand ability. His Kraata also do not reach their seventh stage. [source]


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